Wimmens Is Crazy

Wease opens the morning talking about the sad story of allegations regarding possible abuse at a nursing home in Rochester.  Read the story HERE.

The fact that the accused are all female leads to Wease talking about other women being crazy, including Marianne being sensitive to Wease’s backhanded compliments which she takes as slights.

Wease then tells the story of a woman that closed the elevator door in his face this morning at 5am and left him standing waiting for the next one.  It turns out this woman works for one of the other radio stations on the same floor we are on, so we send our intern Moiet down to ask why she did that, and record the answer.


The answer was fair enough… she didn’t know who Wease was because she’s sort of new around here and didn’t feel comfortable as a woman alone early in the morning.  She thought Wease was kind of scary looking.


Festival Weekend In Rochester

Lots of stuff to do in the area this weekend with The Park Ave Festival, the Puerto Rican Festival, and Monroe County Fair are all happening.  

The past few years there have been problems after the Puerto Rican Fest, and of course alcohol is always a factor on Park Ave. but there is still plenty of fun to be had at both.  Billy will be at The Brew booth on Park and Barrington on Saturday morning, Marianne will be there Sunday afternoon.  Come say hi.

Tools With Sports

A little bit of talk about the trades in MLB... Wease is bored, but how good is Detroit's rotation now that they've added David Price from Tampa?

Speaking of trades did you see Austin Jackson from the Tigers was pulled from the field in the middle of the game after being traded to the Mariners.  He went to the dugout, said goodbye to his friends, and left the stadium.  A classy reaction by the fans that gave Jackson a standing ovation.



Film Reviews

No Marshall Fine this week, but we have our girl Grace Randolph FROM YOUTUBE!!!  I won't subject you to Grace's awful voice, but know that she LOVED Marvel's latest superhero flick "Guardians of the Galaxy" and hated the James Brown bio pic "Get On Up".




The Perfect Italian Casino

A casino is being proposed in the nearby town of Tyre.  There is talk of it being an "Italian Casino".  Is it gonna have a screened in garage?  A kitchen in the basement?


Bonus Content... Billy's Honeymoon Pictures (click on the right side of the pics to scroll through the gallery)

Doug With News

- Two In Custody After Greece Investigation

- RCSD Teacher Brings Gun On School Trip

- RGRTA Ends Park Ave Route

- Proposed RPD Reorganization


Country Music Craziness

A man was accused of rape at a Keith Urban concert last week.  The story is pretty odd, and leads to a Wease talking about the country concert he is going to tonight... the mecca of hot women, but he says his wife will be the hottest one there.


Disney Dizziness

When Marianne says she saw a mermaid recently (of course she did) we wind up talking about The Little Mermaid, and subliminal messages that are in that movie, and other Disney flicks.


Kudos To Weird Al 

Thanks to Peggy Douglas of Webster for giving credit to Weird Al Yankovic for promoting proper grammar in his new song "Word Crimes" (parody of "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke).  How did Peggy find this song?  Would you know know a pronoun from an adverb?


Soap Opera

Wease talks about the special $5 bar of soap he bought recently, but the bar is so big he thinks it's silly, but still prefers bar to liquid.  Pauly asks what you do when the soap gets too small to use anymore.... Wease sticks it up his butt to clean his crack.  Gross.  Marianne says she's learned more about our asses than she ever thought she would.  We're just teaching about hygiene.


A story about The Bachelorette leads to Marianne and Wease to disagreeing about dating etiquette.  Marianne says "too many guys get too sexy too soon".


Bonus Content... Ridiculous Stripper Names

Hot Hot Hot

Do you ever think about the different types of hot there are?  Work Hot... the chick that is so-so in real life, but the hottest one in the office.  Super Model Hot.... The type that would never be seen with you.  Suburban Housewife Hot... The type you see at Pittsford Wegmans.