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Wease, Marianne, and Pauly are back from Chicago with plenty of stories in a little bit, including Wease getting an award as one of the 25 most influential people in radio joining broadcasters like Stern and Limbaugh.

Wease starts the morning with the big news from the weekend... the PGA Championships at Oak Hill.  We all watched on TV, and listened to our coworkers over on WHAM 1180 like Brooksie, Dan Moriarty, the two Bob's (Lonsberry and Matthews), and the only person we know that wound up on TV, Harry Gibbs.

Relative unkown Jason Dufner won the tourney, and one of the highlights of watching on TV was hearing people in the crowds yell out silly stuff when the ball was hit.

Tools With Sports 

More talk of the PGA Championship, and how positive an experience it was for everyone involved, with lots of calls from listeners about their favorite moments.  None of us believe the story of the guy that supposedly had a golf ball land in his pocket.  Also talk about Jason Dufner's hot wife Amanda.

The Buffalo Bills looked phenomenal yesterday in their 44-20 preseason victory over the Colts.  Can we say Super Bowl?  No?  How about 8-8?

Kyle Busch won the NASCAR race at Watkins Glen.  Too bad for racing that they were overshadowed by both golf and football this weekend.

Sweet Home Chicago

Wease, Marianne, Pauly are back from Chicago and met lots people, ran into old buddies, and had lots of good times, fancy dinners, and big laughs.  Later this morning we'll be talking to one of the girls from Dennis Hof's Bunny Ranch.  Wease had dinner with Dennis and Alana (and Bobby Slayton), and learned she was Jewish.  Wease didn't think there was and Jewish hookers.

Talking about females at morning show bootcamp leads to a discussion of body parts that women are sensitive about... arms, cankles, boobs, etc...

Here are some more pictures from the weekend...

Things didn't start well... Wease got frisked at the airport

Our buddy Bobby Slayton was there too

Wease On A Panel Talking Morning Radio

Wease sat next to this chick because he thought it was Marianne

Shari Smith News

We start off with a concert review from Shari, who went to see Keith Urban last Friday.  She's seen him a bunch of times, and says this show was off the charts.  A highlight was when Keith went to the lawn for awhile to give the people out there a "front row seat".

- RPD Busy Post-Puerto Rican Fest

- Stabbing Victim Saved By Co-Workers

- Man Accused Of Punching Canandaigua Police Officer

- Florida Resort Sinking Into A Hole

Fantasy Football Insurance

We talk to a guy from Chicago with a brilliant idea... insurance for Fantasy Football players.  You can buy insurance where if the top player on your team goes down they got you covered... you'll get your league fee back.  This works for any league your in, and you get to keep playing.  Go to for details.

More Chicago

Pauly tells the story of the panel where Wease walked past he and Marianne and sat next to a blonde chick they didn't know.  Pauly bet Marianne that Wease thought the chick was her, and Pauly was right.  Here is a pick of Wease and the lady together, and Wease defends himself by saying it looked more like Marianne from behind.

The panel where Wease received his award included a bunch of radio guys talking a bit about their histories and radio heroes... When it was Wease's turned to talk Pauly timed how long before Wease would be the first person to swear.  It took our host 8.3 seconds to thrown out an f bomb.

They also talk about bits talked about at Bootcamp, which ones may work, which ones won't and which ones will get you fired.

Plane Talk

Stories of the various flights taken by the crew this weekend.  Pauly is too tall for planes, Wease gets frisked (as always) by the TSA, and Marianne got through security in Chicago with a bottle of water, and he bag of gels and shampoos.  We also wonder how the news would react if Wease's plane crashed.

Wease had an incident in the airport coming home.  Wease says he was so pissed he had a panic attack.  He changed his flight to get home earlier, paying $75 to leave 8:30 Saturday morning.  Wease was there an hour early, waiting at a pole near the gate. 

On Saturday Wease was anxious to get home so paid $75 to take an early 8:30 am flight.  He was at the airport an hour early, eating breakfast, standing near the gate.  Somehow he didn't hear the announcement to board the plane and missed it. Wease wasn't the only one that missed the flight though.  He met a beautiful family that also missed the same flight, and confirmed Wease's opinion that the airport lady was a bitch.

Marianne showed up for her 11:30 flight... the one Wease was orginally supposed to be on... and was surprised to see him there. He also wasn't able to get on that flight because it was full.  He was so pissed by this point he started having a panic attack. 

In the end a furious, devastated Wease wound up getting a hotel room in the airport for another $75, and taking a 7:30pm flight... a full 12 hours after getting to the airport for an early flight.  Before getting on the plane Wease realized he didn't have his suitcase, and had to run around to the places he was at in the airport to find it... eventually locating it at the store where he bought pretzels... just minutes before boarding.

Once making it back to Rochester he was driving to Sodus, and pulled over by the police for speeding.

The guys that do our Dunkin Donuts songs were there at the same time Marianne was, and made a special song for him.

We get calls from listeners that have bad experiences in airports, including a woman with MS that was hasseled.

Alana Luv

While in Chicago Wease and Marianne befriended a girl named Alana Luv (if that is her real name) that works at The Bunny Ranch in Nevada.  She used to be an accountant on Wall Street, but when her job was eliminated she started working at the famous brothel. 

Alana tells us about the ins and outs of The Bunny Ranch (pun intended) and how she went from a religious Jewish school to The Bunny Ranch, and how no one in her family knows about her profession.

This story of people yelling funny stuff during the PGA Championship got Wease siding with Howard Stern vs. golf pro Ian Poulter.  How lame are golfers that get mad at trying to inject some fun into the tourney after the ball is hit.

Tomorrow's Show

On Tap for tomorrow... Redneck News, Mojo Miller :The Ethical Pimp, and the return of Jackie Nutt with NYC stories.  This plus much, much more, including a letter that Wease found in the bathroom garbage can that caught his eye.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See ya.