In The News

Start the morning talking about some local news...

- A person was hit and killed by a train in Fairport overnight, and as on 6am Main Street is still closed.  This reminds Wease of a similar story from 7 or 8 years ago, and we get a call from a friend of someone killed by a train.

Wease is interested in this story of a yellow sticker you put on your car in case you have a medical emergency while driving.  Great idea.  Too bad Wease is too lazy to go get his sticker.

A new report on child intentity theft leads to Wease talking about identity theft stories he saw on TV.

Tools With Sports

Bills fans got excited to hear Tom Brady injured his knee during a scrimmage, but turned out to not be that serious, and is day to day.

PGA Champ Jason Dufner has endeared himself to Rochester even more... he has taken acorns from Oak Hill.

Dufner is bringing the oaks back to Toomer’s Corner.

He’s trying to, anyway.

During this past weekend’s PGA Championship, the eventual champion (and Auburn alum) Jason Dufner saved acorns from all over the Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, N.Y., handing them off to his wife for safekeeping.

His plan is to bring the acorns back home and plant them in on his property, which is in Auburn, Alabama. Later, when they are saplings, he said “it would be nice” to bring them to the university to replace the oaks at Toomer’s Corner that were poisoned in 2011 by Alabama fan Harvey Updyke Jr.

“That would be nice, if they’re up to it. It’s an idea,” said Dufner, who finished the PGA Championship at 10-under to beat second-place-finisher Jim Furyk by two strokes. “I know we’ve got some time before we can actually plant something in that area, but I think that would be pretty cool. But that’s probably pretty selfish on my part, too. Maybe it’ll be an option.”

If by “pretty selfish” you mean “totally awesome,” then you are right, sir.

Between celebrating with his wife and asserting that the Wannamaker Trophy can hold 43 beers, Dufner is making the most of his term as reigning major champ.

Wease and Tools talk about the HBO show Hard Knocks, that is following the Bengal through training camp, and how much fun it is.

Bachelor Contestant Suicide

Gia Allemand from "The Bachelor" died yesterday.  She was a contestant on Season 14, when Jake Pavelka was the Bachelor.  (Apparently it was a suicide attempt.  Her boyfriend, NBA player Chris Anderson found her hanging and unconscious at home on Monday night.  She was removed from life support yesterday when they decided she could never recover.)  Rumors are that trouble in the relationship may have led to Gia's problems.  How guilty does Anderson feel if this is the case.

A debate of whether Gia is "hot" ensues, and how people's perception of beauty has changed over the years.  Reminiscent of the classic Twilight Zone episode "Eye Of The Beholder".

We also talk about how awful The Bachelor and Bachlorette shows are, and how it's possible forsomeone to fall in love on TV choosing from 15 contestants, going on "private time", "triple dates", and other silly things.

Todd Halliday News

Doug and Shari are both on vacation, so out of the bullpen comes WHAM 1180's news director Todd Halliday.

- State Warns Of Child Identity Theft

- Bad Crash In Greece

- Skimpy Bikini Gets Women Kicked Out Of Water Park

The V Steam

On the season premiere of "Tia & Tamara," the sisters had a relaxing time at the spa. They even got steams ... for their lady parts. They're called V-Steams, and they're supposed to help hormone balance and circulation. The treatment has its own special chair that situates the women to get hit with herbs and steam in the right area.

A Prehistoric Man Comments On A Modern Family

A VERY anti-gay Christian preacher named DOUG SEHORN recently wrote an e-book called "Bible Principles of Child Discipline".  But when he released it, some people noticed something very peculiar . . .


The generic family photo on the cover wasn't so generic at all . . . in fact, it was a promotional shot featuring the Dunphys from "Modern Family"(Parents TY BURRELL and JULIE BOWEN and their three TV kids, to be exact.)


Well, it didn't take long for Sehorn to be alerted to this . . . and he had some explaining to do.  (Not just because there's SURELY a copyright situation here, but because anything connected with gay people is SO BAD!)


In a Facebook post, Sehorn said, quote, "FALSELY ACCUSED!  Well, I just got a phone call about the picture I used on my book on child discipline.  Evidently, it's from a wicked TV show involving a gay couple!  Here is the situation . . ."


"1.  I do not even have a TV and have not for 35 years.

"2.  I never heard of the TV show.

"3.  I got the image from a search on Google Images, which I assumed were not copyrighted, etc.  (That's probably not the safest assumption you can make.)

"4. Anyone who knows me, knows I would never condone such wickedness as sodomy or even TV.


"Your friends will warn you and your enemies will attack without knowing all the facts.  I'm in the process now of removing the book and changing the cover.  Thanks for the friends who warned me.  God bless you!"

Depressing Kid's Movies

We recently ran a list of movies that MESSED YOU UP as a kid.  Well, it's more than likely that the movies on this list of the 16 Most Depressing Kids' Moviesdid that to a lot of people . . .



1.  "My Girl",  1991


2.  "Bambi",  1942


3.  "My Dog Skip",  2000


4.  "The NeverEnding Story",  1990


5.  "Charlotte's Web",  1973


6.  "The Odd Life of Timothy Green",  2012


7.  "The Iron Giant",  1999


8.  "Old Yeller",  1957


9.  "E.T.",  1982


10.  "Fluke",  1995


11.  "The Land Before Time",  1988


12.  "The Fox and the Hound",  1981


13.  "Casper",  1995


14.  "The Bridge to Terabithia",  2007


15.  "All Dogs Go to Heaven",  1989


16.  "Marley and Me",  2008


(You can check out the list online here.  They tell you WHY the movie is depressing . . . but on a positive note, they also say why it's not a TOTAL bummer.)


Marianne has 2 that didn't make the list... "Watership Down" and "Snoopy Come Home" where Snoopy goes to visit his pre-Charlie Brown owner in the hospital.

Geek Fest Photographs

Billy is going to Toronto next week for Fan Expo Canada, a huge Comic/Sc-Fi festival.  His GF bought him a photo-op with Stan Lee for $60, and leads to a discussion of paying for autographs and pictures.  Here are the prices of where Billy is going..

Aaron Ashmore $40
Alice Cooper $55
Barbara Crampton $30
Bruce Abbott $30
Carrie Fisher $85
Chumlee $40
Colin Baker $40
David Hasselhoff $50
Dean Cain $50
George Takei $50
Gina Torres $50
Ian McDiarmid $95
James Hong $35
Jason Priestley $50
Jeffrey Combs $30
Karl Urban $60
Ken Foree $30
Laurie Holden $50
Linda Hamilton $50
Luke Perry $50
Michael Rooker $40
Nathan Fillion $65
Nichelle Nichols $50
Norman Reedus $60
Richard Dean Anderson $80
Ron Perlman $50
Shawn Ashmore $40
Stephen Amell $50
Zachary Quinto $80
90210 (Luke Perry & Jason Priestley) $85
Beauty & the Beast
(Ron Perlman & Linda Hamilton)
David Hasselhoff with Kitt $75
Firefly (Gina Torres & Nathan Fillion) $105
From Beyond (Ken Foree, Barbara Crampton & Jeffrey Combs) $75
Re-Animator (Barbara Crampton, Jeffrey Combs & Bruce Abbot) $75
Star Wars (Carrie Fisher & Ian McDiarmid) $170
The Walking Dead
(Norman Reedus & Michael Rooker)
Stan Lee $60
Ben Johnson $30
Chris Chelios $30
Doug Gilmour $30
Gordie Howe $60
Hulk Hogan $85
Jake Gardiner $30
James Reimer $30
Joe Montana $99
Joe Sakic $60
Martin Brodeur $60
Paul Molitor $60
Roberto Alomar $70
Ron Turcotte $40
Tony Fernandez $30


Happy Birthday Billy

Billy pulled a music "This Day In History",  just like Tools does with sports.  Billy knew that on August 15, 1965 The Beatles played at Shea Stadium.  He knew this because he's a huge Beatles fan, maybe a bigger NY Mets fan, and was also born on that same day... maybe at the same moment.

On this day in 1969 was the original Woodstock, and Wease talked about being there in person, high, wet, and enjoying music that in retrospect may not have sounded so good.

Pastor Dahn Gandell

Pastor Dahn Gandell is a friend of Wease's, and has a charity where she's trying to supply fresh water for small villages in Africa.  She has a bunch of wacky stories of her travels, including run-ins with governments, and weird people she's met.  Go HERE for more info.

Tomorrow's Show

Join The Wease Show tomorrow... you'll laugh, you'll cry, and if you're not careful you may actually learn something.  Comedian/game show host Drew Carey will be joining us, Marshall Fine will breakdown this weeks movies, and filmmaker Denny Tedesco will be in promoting his new flick "The Wrecking Crew", about legendary session musicians of the 60's.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.