Needle In The Shmeek Day

Whether you think Wease's show is great or awful everyone has to admit it's unique, and things happen on it that will happen nowhere else.  Today Wease is getting a shot in his johnson to get a diamond-like erection, to set an example for people with medical issues that can use this procedure.  What is Doreen doing at home to prepare?  Wease has no idea... we hope she's home when Wease gets there.

Marianne talks about a friend that found Viagara in her boyfriend's apartment, and he wasn't using it with her.  When confronted about it he said he was using it to watch porn.  Worst excuse ever.

The conversation shifts to the terrible story of a NYC woman who fell 17 floors off a balcony while smoking a cigarette during a first date with the guy living in the apartment.

I know it sounds morbid to talk about, but was she smoking the cigarette after "first date sex"?  Did he push her?  Were they trying to bang on the balcony?  Or is it just a simple accident?

Tools With Sports

No practice at Bills camp yesterday... they've only been here since Sunday night, and already have the day off?

A suspension is looming for Alex Rodriguez.  The MLB is looking to make an example of him, and A-Rod could lose 38 million.  Don't cry for him though, the Yankees would still owe him 61 mil.  Why doesn't he just buy an island and take a vacation.

The story of Riley Cooper, the Eagles WR who was caught using the N word at a Kenny Chesney concert, continues.  QB Michael Vick forgives hime, but another player has a different view...

Running Back LeSean McCoy said Thursday that, like teammate Michael Vick, he forgives Riley Cooper for his use of a racial slur but that it has changed his relationship with the wide receiver, who he had considered a friend.

"I forgive him. We've been friends for a long time," the running back said Thursday. "But in a situation like this, you really find out about someone. Just on a friendship level, I can't really respect someone like that."

McCoy said his relationship with Cooper no longer will extend beyond the football field and there's nothing Cooper can do to change that.

"Ain't nothing to prove. He said how he felt," McCoy said, according to "He's still a teammate. I'm still going to block for him. I'm still gonna show great effort. Just on a friendship level, and as a person, I can't really respect somebody like that. I think as a team, we need to move past it. There are some things that are going to be hard to work with, to be honest."

The Rooster Booster

We talk again about Wease's upcoming shot, and get a call from a woman that worked for medical business that supplied the same stuff Wease will be injected with later.  She calls herself the "Rooster Booster" (cock-a-doodle doo), and tells stories of guys that have used the same stuff that Wease will be getting later.

Murder suspect (slash) former New England Patriot AARON HERNANDEZwrote a letter to a guy on the outside, in which he proclaims his innocence and says he'll be back in the NFL someday.


The guy wrote a letter of support to Aaron, saying he'd done time in the same lockup where Aaron is awaiting trial. 


So Aaron sent him, a handwritten response and told him, quote, "The world just makes things out of false accusations . . . and it will all die down, especially when they say NOT GUILTY."


He added, quote, "God put me in this situation for a reason," and said everyone who turned on him will feel like CRAP when he's vindicated.


And he said, quote, "Can't wait to sign [autographs] again when I'm playing again and prove all the haters wrong."


At the bottom of the letter he wrote, quote, "Keep this off social media PLEASE."  Oops.  (It currently sits on TMZ for all to read.  Check it out here.)

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes/Clear Channel Radio

AMANDA BYNES lost her bid for freedom yesterday.  In a hearing that took place in the hospital psych ward, a judge decided that Amanda is NOT ready to be released just yet.  Mostly because she isn't totally stable yet, and her condition hasn't been formally diagnosed.  But sources say the meds Amanda is on ARE helping.  For instance, she's no longer talking to herself or insulting people.

Doug With News

Before news we talk to Doug about the upcoming PGA golf tourney and Tiger Woods, which leads to talking about the kidnapping of Cal Ripken's mother last year, and the story of the time Wease got kidnapped.

- It Time For The Park Ave Fest

- How Many Homocides In Rochester?

- Mixed Reviews For County Fair

Judah Friedlander

95.1 The Brew

We're joined in studio by comedian/actor Judah Friedlander, best known for his role as Frank on 30 Rock.  Judah is at The Comedy Club in Webster this weekend, and highly recommended by Billy and Brooksie who have both seen him.  Judah tells us about people he's worked with in his career from Mickey Rourke to Larry David to Mick Foley.

Wease vs. Marianne Music

Wease has been bumping with songs from Michael Frante's new cd, and Marianne is making fun of it... this is pissing Wease off.  What is her example for good music?  "Sprawl" by Arcade Fire... Wease says it sounds like mice singing..

Judah Wants To Change Comedy

Have you ever been to a comedy club and been annoyed by getting the check for your food/drink during the show?  It distracts the both the audience and the comics.  Judah also talks about being in the movie "Meet The Parents", and now being a regular on JB Smooves new talk show on MSG, where he gets to meet athletes that he loves.  Wease and Judah bond over their love of Doug Flutie.

Judah also tells about his experience  starring in a Dave Matthews video, and the weird vibe he got from Dave and the band.  Left him with a bad taste in his mouth.

Oh Canada

Judah was just in Montreal a couple weeks ago, and talks about the differences between U.S. and Canada, the weird vibe in Montreal, and Wease tells his story of the time Wease was stopped at the border on the way to Canada because of a DWI Doreen got 10 years earlier.  Luckily money fixes everything.

Wease gets a phone message from the doctor coming up for the needle bit... he's having trouble finding the radio station.  Do we trust someone that can't find a 20 story building to find Wease's penis?

Tombstone Controversy

In the way only Wease can, his train of thought went from gambling, to Wild Bill Hickcock, to the film "Tombstone".  Wease was sure Hickcock was a character in the movie, but is proved wrong after betting a guy.

Dr. Madeb In Da House


We're joined in studio by Dr. Ralph Madeb and his assistant Jan.  Dr. Madeb is here to administer the shot that will medically arouse Wease's throbbing python of love.  They talk about the procedure, the medicines involved, and take questions from listeners about who it will help, including cancer patients and accident victims.

It's Shot Time

Wease has the tequila flowing to get himself ready.  A little warmup, and the shot happens... quick and painless... a little prick so to speak.

Next Week

Join us Monday to find out what happened after the injection, plus all week long as we're joined by Police Chief Shepherd, Marshall Fine, Miss New York, Redneck News, Doug Emblidge reporting from Oak Hill, and much more.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.