He's Back!

Wease is back with us after being off for two days to take care of some dental work.

We're hungry already (shocker) and started the morning talking about burgers. The fat is key for the taste. Low fat burgers just sacrifice too much of the flavor. Marianne suggests Buffalo burgers...not the city, but the animal. They're expensive, but deeeeelish. 

While off this week, Wease saw a couple movies- he saw 'Blue Jasmine' with Woody Allen. The acting was phenomenal. Although, he goes to movies to get a couple of chuckles usually, and this movie was not that...it was depressing.  

Wease also saw 'The Butler'. This film is fantastic. It's a very liberal movie, and it's historic. This is a movie everyone needs to see. 

Tools W/ Sportsss

It was the Yankee's fourth straight win. Derek Jeter is starting a rehab assignment in Scranton.

J.R. Smith of the New York Knicks bought a military style armored vehicle. It cost $450,000. 

Linebacker Aaron Maybin was shown in HBO's "Hard Knocks" as having troubles with his football career being released from the Bengals this month, but his art career is just taking off. Aaron Maybin has a passion for art and some of his paintings have sold for $20,000.

Project Scion


Sister Sharon and Brother Pietro are in this morning to talk about a project to improve the landscape in the rougher parts of the city. Sharon and Pietro are part of Project Scion. The name relates to bringing new life. The project takes on a vacant lot every year and turns it around. Project Scion is currently working on a vacant lot on Dewey Avenue and Ravine.

Find out more about the Project: http://project-scion.org/ 


Wease told us more about his oral surgery at the Elmwood Dental Group. He doesn't remember much, but was CONVINCED he could drive. He realized now it was good that it he didn't. Those drugs can mess you up. Marianne told us about a time where she was taking some drugs for a procedure and was convinced they weren't kicking in...although she had taken her shirt off randomly (I think they were working).

Shari Smith W/ Newz 

President Obama in Western New York

Former Bus Monitor Pleads Guilty To Sexually Abusing Girl

Crews Fight Blaze On Main Street in Honeoye

Charges Upgraded In Alleged Kid Rock Assault 

Mike Dambra

Comedian Mike Dambra is in town performing at The Comedy Club in Webster. He was in studio with us this morning. Mike is from Canada and told us a bit about our neighbor to the north. There's still a lot of damage from the flooding in Calgary.

Mike turned 50 this year and Wease thinks he needs to color up his snowy hair to make him look younger. The rest of us disagree, though.  

Mike has an old bit about a Pickle. He is retiring this joke this week though! 

News this morning: Bradley Manning, the guy who was convicted for releasing classified documents on WikiLeaks, says he's going to live the rest of his life...as a woman. He is now Chelsea Manning. 

Woman Prevents Shooting in Atlanta

A woman in Atlanta convinced a gunman of putting down his rifle and surrendering to police. We listened to audio this morning from 911. This woman is incredible and saved a lot of lives, including the life of the gunman, who was suicidal. 

Australian Athlete Killed by Bored Oklahoma Teenagers

Oklahoma teenagers were charged with first degree murder for killing an Australian athlete. The 22 year old man was in the U.S. to play baseball and was jogging in Duncan, Oklahoma when three teenagers shot him "because they were bored". These kids killed the man just for the fun of it. This is extremely sad and proves that there are some seriously sick people in this world. Two of the boys were charged with murder in the first degree, and a third was charged with accessory to murder after the fact with a weapon. We are curious why the third boy was charged only with accessory, but a listener has a theory that this third boy squealed the story to score a deal.All three were charged as adults.

Willie's Umbrella

Willie came in today with an umbrella...even though it is sunny. Willie told us the forecast for today is rain, and since he walked here and will be walking home he wants to be prepared. Smart thinking, although we had to tease him a bit for it. 

More On The Casino

Wease invited the Superintendent of Henrietta to talk about the casino on the show, but he declined the offer. Apparently, the casino is not all that popular right now. We're not sure where all the negativity is coming from, but we felt it strong yesterday from several callers. A woman did call in to talk positively this morning. She thinks it will boost Rochester's economy and give us a bigger name.


J.P from 100.5 The Drive popped a little after ten to say hey and talk about Obama's visit today. The President is in Buffalo today talking about college education, among other things. There is talk that he mayyyyy stop in the Roc for a bite to eat. We're thinking he might choose Sticky Lips. 

What Do People Hate About Sex?

Top Things Women Hate The Most During Sex...

1. Aggressiveness with a guy's hands "downstairs"

2. Long fingernails

3. Are you close? Women hate hearing this.

4.  A guy mentioning something another woman did that he liked.

5.  Rushing through foreplay.

6.  Changing positions without mentioning it first . . . when the first position is working.

7. Men lasting too long. After awhile, things just get sore.

The Top Things That MEN Hate The Most During Sex (didn't know there was anything)...

1. The dead fish. Just laying there is not cool.

2. Having to be the one who initiates sex all the time.

3. A woman rubbing down below like she's trying to start a fire. 

4. Fake porn moans and awkward dirty talk.  Both moans and dirty talk should feel NATURAL.

5. Overly aggressive scratching.

6. Men and women BOTH hate hearing "are you close?".

7. Consistently bad smells from down stairs.