Billy is off this morning because he's in Toronto celebrating Comic Con. Chris the intern is filling in for him today. He's a really cool guy.

This is a picture of Billy with Harley Quinn, who is a girlfriend of The Joker.

Billy also attended a Q&A with Marvel's Stan Lee. He was in nerd paradise.

Speaking of Canada (not really), a woman named Maria called in from Ontario (in America) right at the start of the show to talk to Wease about her son joining the service. Wease gave her advice on what to expect about his training, since he spent some time in the military back in the day. 

Freddy from Sodus, Wease's "favorite" caller, phoned in to claaaaaim that Route 104 was closed off last night for Obama and that ambulances couldn't go through. This is just absolutely not true- Obama was no where near 104 and was in Syracuse by the afternoon. We don't understand why people have to try to spread lies.

Tool w/ Sports

Yankees won again yesterday for the fifth time in the row, 5-3. Tools likes to joke that the Yankees are Wease's team. Wease showed us he actually has a baseball tattoo.

The Seattle Seahawks signed 12 year-old Kevin Lee, who suffers from a heart condition, to a five year deal to fulfill his "Make-A-Wish" to be on the team.

Broccoli and Sports: You're more likely to eat broccoli the day after your favorite football team wins. A new study found that football fans eat healthier the day after a win and eat terribly following a loss. Tools totally gets this. When his teams win, he'll eat anything because he is so happy.

Movies with Marshall Fine

Marshall called us today from South Carolina, where he can see a view of the ocean from his window. He's spending some time at Hilton Head playing golf.

Wease has come to the conclusion this past week that critics just love depressing movies. He understands the acting is phenomenal, but it is just such a downer. Wease saw 'Blue Jasmine' this week and loved it, but it was just so sad! Marshall believes people need to see tragedy from time to time to remind themselves that they don't have it as bad as some people. 

Wease saw 'The Butler' too. Marshall thought it was a solid piece of melodram.

'We're The Millers' actually made Marshall laugh a lot! Wease loved it too. Pauly enjoyed the Jennifer Anniston stripper scene in this movie.

Marshall says go see 'The World's End'. It includes the stars from 'Shaun of The Dead'. The movie involves guys who decide to go back to their home town to do a pub crawl that they wanted to do in their youth. Upon going home, they realize their home town isn't quite's been taken over by aliens. It was a really funny film and is well written. Marshall gives it 3 Stars.

Shari Smith w/ News

Obama in Rochester Yesterday

Duffy Committed to Cuomo Ticket 2014

Vegas Police Say Probe Foiled Plot To Kill Officer

Ohio Man Revives 45 Minutes After Heart Stops  This story is miraculous, but also really scary. Is it possible for someone to be buried alive?! Wease is going to be cremated to avoid this possibilty.

Ben Affleck Will Be The Next Batman! Matt Damon as Robin?

Brooksie's Kitty

Brooksie told us a story about a kitty today. He and his girlfriend have been planning to get a little kitten for awhile. After searching around, they decided on Rochester Animal Services and found a kitten. Four month old baby orange tiger that was found stray the night before.

The law is they have to give it five days just in case owner shows up. Brooksie and Diane waited the 5 days, filled out the paper work, and bought a ton of toys and other things for the cat. They also had to pay money to get the kitten spayed. Yesterday, they were supposed to pick up the kitten at 4pm, but got a call around noon from Rochester Animal Services. The kitty died....... the cat had an upper respiratory illness and didn't wake up from the anethesia during the surgery to get spayed.

He was sad, but got over it in about 30 seconds. Diane, on the other hand, was crying non-stop. She thinks they killed the cat! Which is kind of true, because if the kitten wasn't spayed then the cat might still be alive. Looks like they didn't learn their lesson, though. He went back and got ANOTHER kitten, and is sending the poor thing into surgery today...Hopefully he doesn't kill this one too.

Mike Dambra

Mike Dambra is back in studio today. He's headlining at The Comedy Club in Webster all weekend and had a great show last night. He says he drank 17 tequilas...Wease loves the tequila too. He thinks his liver is going, though, because he gets drunk so quickly now! A doctor put him on a program to try to fix his liver and see if he can drink more. He cannot wait to see if it works. He can't do it with tequila, though, because it doesn't do anything to him. Red wine is what will take him down.

Guitars For Glory

Josh is here from Guitars For Glory. It is all about shipping guitars to different countries and communities that don't have instruments that they can play. Josh goes to church at Browncroft, and Wease knows the pastor there.

This Saturday is a big event in Fairport at the ampitheater from 5-10pm happening during the Fairport Music Festival. There will be food trucks and different stations for different countries.

Obama's Tip

Obama was at Magnolia's yesterday. There was already a 20 percent gratuity in the bill, but the President added $30 tip on top of that for the $106 tab, a 20 percent tip. He signed the receipt and wrote "Thanks for the great food." How cool is it that they have Obama's autograph now?

Peter Buffet

Peter Buffet, son of Warren Buffet, called in to talk this morning. He has a new single out titled "Already Flown", which is a free download on his website. The single is inpsired by themes of wealth and inequality. Check it out on his website.

Sue Palermo From Magnolia's

An hour before the most powerful man on the planet showed up at her place, owner of Magnolia's Deli & Cafe Sue Palermo didn't even know he was coming. 45 minutes before he would arrive to get a bite to eat, she got the notice.

A few men walked in and said they worked for the President and that he was on his way. Secret Service came in to check out her place and make sure it was clear. She was not allowed to let anyone else into the cafe, but the people who were in there already got to stay. If they wanted to leave, they had to leave right then...but who would want to leave?!! Magnolia's had been checked out twice prior to the day, but had no idea. They selected Magnolia's based on the great food and excellent service.

The President shook every single person's hand, outside and inside Magnolia's. He ordered grilled cheddar cheese on sour dough, as well as their signature soup.

Colin Campbell called in, the 8 year old kid who got to meet Barack Obama at Magnolia's. His mother let him get oreo cookie bash for lunch that day because it was a special day for them. He told the President it was his favorite dessert.

Sue noticed that the President had a crum on his face. Sue grabbed a napkin and said, "Excuse me, Mr. President, but you have a crum on your face." She decrummed the President of the United States of America!!

Derek Trucks In Studio

Music legend Derek Trucks came in this morning to hang with us. He's playing with The Allman Brothers Band this weekend. Derek has a brand new CD out this month with the Tedeschi Trucks Band titled "Made Up Mind".

A 16 year old kid named Drew called in. Drew has been playing guitar for years and plays all around Rochester. Derek signed an autograph for him once, and Derek remembers him!! We all thought this kid was great and has a bright future ahead of him in music.

A caller asked him who he listens to. He listens to a lot of various music, but is a fan of Charlie Christian and Wes Montgomery. Derek does NOT like pop music. It makes him angry.

We learned a bit about Derek as a kid. He started touring when he was ten years old!!

We called Chuck Campbell, who is currently sitting in the airport. Chuck and Derek are friends and go way back. We hope to have Chuck up in the studio sometime to hang out!

Derek Trucks will be performing with The Allman Brothers tonight at Darien Lake.

Fairport Music Festival

The guys are here from the Fairport Music Festival. The Festival starts tomorrow- Saturday, August 24th. There's going to be plenty of delicious food and great music. More information on their website.