When We Last Left You

... On Friday, right at the end of the show, Wease got a shot from Dr. Ralph Madeb gave Wease a shot giving him an hours long (up to 4 hours) erection.  Here's a 90 second recap (coming soon) 

Well, stirrings started happening on the way home, and at full mast as soon as he walked thru the door.  Wease says Doreen's vageegee may still be on fire.  After a couple sessions Wease's family left for the cottage in Sodus when the Magical Woody reappeared.  More banging resulted as soon as they got to the cottage, and after a couple hours Wease started to get worried because no matter how many no-hitters and dead grandmas he thought about the boner wouldn't go away.  Eventually sudafed and ice packs lead to relief, but with even a little dose of the erection medicine was a lot for Brother Wease.

Tools With Sports

Tools is broadcasting out at Oak Hill, where the biggest stars in golf are starting their practice rounds for this week's PGA Championship.

Only the Buffalo Bills could have a starting QB who can hurt themselves walking out to practice from the locker room.  He slipped on a man Saturday morning, and has been out since.  He MIGHT be back tonight.

MLB Suspensions for PEDs are expected to be handed down today... A-Rod may get a lifetime ban.

Who Wears Short Shorts

Last week, an 18-year-old woman in England was flying to Spain and wearing cutoff jean shorts.  But the airline told her they were TOO SHORT, and she had to change.  The woman says they wouldn't let her leave the gate to change . . . so she had to strip them off in front of everyone.  Now she's thinking about filing a legal complaint.

(Daily Mail)

Pauly gives a report on this weekend's Park Ave. Fest.  Saturday Pauly drank from early morning to late night, starting with mimosas on his porch early morning.  He and Ryann bought a couple birdhouses and a painting to support the artisans.

Wease and Pauly discuss the people that go out of the way to be anti-Park Ave Fest.  We also discuss animals at the festival... including Pauly's pug Walter, and whether or not it's right to bring them.

Major Annoujncement

Billy made a major life changing announcement... he and his girlfriend Susan are now engaged.  Saturday morning Billy asked her to marry him, and she happily said yes.  Wease did guess this part of the announcement... but didn't guess that the couple wants Wease to don his pastor collar, and perform the ceremony during this year's 24 Hour Show.

Billy D'Ettorre/95.1 The Brew

Shari With News

Shari Smith From WHAM 1180 filling in for Doug, who is out at Oak Hill.

- If You're Going To Oak Hill

- US Embassies Stay Closed All Week

- Student Faces Accusations Of Hate And Racism

Miss New York

The current Miss New York Nina Davuluri is in studio with us.  We talk to her about the pagaent she won, and the upcoming Miss America pagaent in which she's representing our state.   We also ask her about what she hopes to do for a career in the future (be a psychiatrist), and since she is of Indian heritage we ask about her family, and arranged marriages... who parents were arranged.

Shark Week

It's "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel, and Wease has somehow missed this phenomenon.  If you're looking for shows, documentaries, movies, and salutes to sharks you're in luck.  Marianne says she likes checking it out, but when Wease recommends the movie "Soul Surfer", the true story of a girl surfer who had her arm bitten off, Marianne dismisses it.

Gone To the Dogs

New York State Police arrested a Greece man after they say he threw a dog out the window of his SUV.

Troopers say Lawrence Wiegele, 46, was driving on Culver Road in Irondequoit on Tuesday when he got into an argument with two women in his car. Troopers say Wiegele stopped the vehicle and kicked a women and a nine-year-old girl out of the SUV.

Wiegele then drove away, but not before police say he threw a chihuahua at the women. The dog survived, but was injured.

Wiegele was arrested at his home, where troopers say he admitted to drinking beer and driving.

Wiegele is charged with DWI, aggravated DWI and first-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. He's also charged with animal cruelty and endangering the welfare of a child.

Weigele is being held at the Monroe County Jail with bail set at $20,000 cash.

We get a call from a regular listener named Debbie... the dog belongs to her, and tells us the scumbag dude is her cousin that had just gotten out of jail.  The dog has had surgery, and is recovering, but has had to have it's bottom teeth removed.


Marianne talks about going to the lighthouse museum in Charlotte over the weekend, and the only person that didn't think it was boring was the guy giving the tour.  It's funny how absolutely everything has at least one person interested in even the most obscure things, and lots of stuff Wease doesn't understand having passion for... pretty much anything having to do with baseball.

Alcohol, The Cause Of And Solution To All Life's Problems

Last week, 46-year-old John Bansley of Avon Lake, Ohio called 911 because he was at his ex-wife's house, drunk, and she wouldn't give him his five cans of Milwaukee's Best.  And after the dispatcher told him a cop was on the way, he started HITTING ON HER because he thought, quote, "you sound kinda pretty."  He was arrested for misuse of the 911 system and got five days in jail.

Mugshot courtesy of The Smoking Gun

Doreen calls with her account of last Friday's banging session, telling how long the stuff took, and by the end she was ready for Wease to take care of himself, and how hard she laughed at Wease's distress about his shmookie not going away.

Pauly has tickets for today's PGA practice round, so he and Wease has having a Man Date to see all the excitement in person.  Hot putting action.

Tomorrow's Show

Big fun tomorrow... Redneck In The News, Wease and Pauly's thoughts on Oak Hill, Tools, Shari Smith, and much more tomorrow.  It's nice to be important but more important to be nice.  See ya.