Living In The City

Today's show is dedicated to the memory of Gavi Springut, who passed away way too young a few days ago.

Later in today's show we will be having Democratic Mayoral candidates Tom Richards (incumbant mayor), and challenger Lovely Warren in studio.  We discuss the current rash of violence in the city, how city residents seem to be in as much danger recently as military people in war zones, and a shooting last night on Salina St.

We also discuss the tough question... who do you save in a fire... your pet or a complete stranger?  Marianne thinks that is ridiculous, but the rest of us see an arguement for the animals.

Tools With Sports

The Orioles beat the Yanks last night... kudos to whomever put an app on Wease's phone to send him Yankees updates whenever something happens.

The fast paced Philly Eagles beat the Redskins 33-27, and the Texans come from 21 down to win on a FG with time running out against the Chargers.

Who knew that you could cheat in NASCAR?  Read about the big controversy in racing HERE, and see the video...

Redneck News

Most folks would probably prefer an air-conditioned No-Tell Motel on a scorching September day in South Florida for some nookie time.

This couple setled for a no-A/C, abandoned building behind a chain-link fence.

When the Fort Lauderdale cop responded to a report of a naked couple walking around an abandoned motel on a busy portion of Federal Highway, he found Alan Harrold, 37, and Crystal Potter, 33, having sex in plain view of passers-by, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Photos: Broward Sheriff's Office

Shane Everett Earp allegedly called 911 to report that his home had been burglarized, according to a news release from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

The 40-year-old Key Largo man told dispatchers that an anonymous caller had contacted him about the   about the break-in, and wasn’t home at the time, the release stated.

Responding deputies reported that they found the front door of the home open and a woman inside who turned out to be Earp’s girlfriend.

Then Earp showed up as well.

Earp told the deputies he had called in the break-in because he had broken up with his girlfriend the  night before and didn’t want her to damage anything inside the home, according to the report.

Earp and his girlfriend had both been living in the house, and she had every legal right to be there --  whether he was there or not, deputies said.

Earp is charged with Misuse of the 911 System and was hauled to the pokey for the 8th time since August 2002, inmate records show.

Photo:Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Newark Police reported the arrest on Monday (9/2) of Darlene Moore, age 63, of Hoffman Street in N e w a r k after she allegedly got into an argu­ment with a male acquain­tance and s h o v e d him. There was a Re­frain From Order of Protection in place. Moore was charged with Ha­rassment in the 2nd Degree and Crimi­nal Contempt in the 2nd Degree, ar­raigned and remanded to jail on $ 1000 cash/$2000 bond to return to Court on 9/11.

State Police in Wolcott reported the arrest on Friday ( 8/ 30) at 2: 30 p. m. of Lynn Kane, age 51, of West Main Street in P a l m y r a for Assault in the 3rd Degree.

It is al­leged that , during a neighbor­hood dis­pute, Kane allegedly p u n c h e d and bit a female neighbor. Kane was visiting her daughter on Church Street in Red Creek at the time of the incident. She was issued an appearance ticket for Wolcott Court.

Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Tuesday (9/3) at 4:16 p.m. of Stephen Fletcher, age 50, of North Main Street in Newark for Crimi­nal Mis­chief in the 4th Degree.

It is al­leged that while in an intoxi­cated state at 2: 45 a. m. that same day, Fletcher threw green tomatoes at a house at 303 North Main Street, damaging a screen and window frame. He was released on an appearance ticket for Newark Village Court on September 18th.

Perhaps the internet site Craig’s List, was not the best place to sell tractor weights after all.

State Police in Wolcott reported the arrest on Tues­day (9/3) of
Robert Manley, age 32, of Butler Center Road in the Town of Butler for Crimi­nal Possession of Stolen Property in the 4th Degree.

Investigators found Manley attempt­ing to sell John Deere tractor weights on Craig’s List. The weights were reported stolen from Merrill Farms, where Manley had been working for the past two and a half years.

At Manley’s residence police also found additional quantities of scrap metal taken from the farm.

Manley will appear in Butler Town Court on 9/11.

Chilling Video Goes Viral

A man charged with DWI has made a video, and it's a powerful piece... brought a tear to my eye.

Doug With News

- 2200 Without Power, mainly In Webster

- Shooting On Hart St., Near St. Paul

- Fence Sought After Woman Killed By Train

- Rochester Airport Gets 800K Grant

Mayor Richards

We're joined in studio by Mayor Tom Richards who answers questions from callers regarding safety in the city, duties of the police force, unions, drug usage, and more. 

Side note... everytime Billy sees the Mayor he is reminded of game show regular/comedian George Gobel.

Miley Goes Nuttier

MILEY CYRUS released her "Wrecking Ball" video yesterday.  It features her riding a wrecking ball NAKED, French-kissing a sledgehammer and wearing a tight, white wifebeater and no bra.  You know, the usual.  Pauly hated the video all 17 times we watched it.

We also have a listener in studio that called last week about his trip to the Burning Man Festival, and tells us more about his experiences there, and people he'd met.

Lovely Warren

Joined in studio by mayoral candidate Lovely Warren, who talks about why she wants to be mayor, experiences living in the city, violence in the 19th Ward, a poential casino, and the revitalization of downtown.

Wease asks about parking downtown, offering to hold a benefit concert for people that have gotten tickets.

Clowning Around

We're joined in studio by Alex Barney, a clown in the Barnum and Bailey Ringling Bros. Circus.  The circus is coming to town for shows Oct.30- Nov. 4th.  Get allthe info you need HERE.  Alex talks about his life on the road, how he got involved in clowning, and animal stories.

Wease is off to the funeral of Gavi Springut.  We'll be back tomorrow with more fun and info, plus Tools, Doug, Ask Wease, and much more.  it's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.  See ya.