Mayor Lovely?

In an upset yesterday Lovely Warren won the mayoral Democratic primary over incumbant Mayor Tom Richards.  Richards will still be on the ballot in November on the Working Class and Independant lines.  Lovely will also be facing Green Party candidate Alex White.  Wease told Lovely that if she won that he'd bring Stevie Wonder to town... hope that happens.

We also talk about some of the other races in outlying counties, including an election in Geneva where the winner received 34 votes. 

Tools With Sports

- Yanks with a comeback 7-5 win last night over the Baltimore Orioles.  Wease is wearing a "Let's Go Yankees" pin in honor of the late Gavi Springut, whose funeral was yesterday, and was the biggest Yankee fan ever.

Wease and Tools tell stories from yesterday's funeral, and how sad it was.  Wease talks about the Jewish traditions followed at the funeral, and while sitting Shivah.  While talking to his friend Jeff Springut (Gavi's dad) Jeff tells Wease about sitting in Paul Simon's seats at Yankee games with Gavi thanks to music connections Springut has.  On the way home Simon's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" played on Wease's radio.

9/11 Anniversary

A dozen years ago on this date is the biggest tragedy in U.S. history when terrorists crashed planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, plus the failed attempt in Pennsylvania.  We all talk about where we were when things went down that morning.

- Wease was on the air, and interviewing the lead singer of Tesla who told us about the initial plane because his wife was watching TV when it happened.  Wease stayed on the air almost 14 hours that day.

- Marianne was living in NYC, but nowhere near the WTC.  She talked about how New Yorkers that normally don't look at each other were all making eye contact that day, and communicating with each other.  She was a waitress, and still had to work that day.

- Pauly was a freshman in college, woken up by his roommate who got a call from his mom.  They were newly acquainted, so it was a bit awkward, but a bonding experiences.  He still had class that day, but classes were cancelled the next day.

- Billy was listening to Wease at his factory job, and because everyone was so distracted by what was going on listening to radios, watching TV's in some areas, everyone was sent home for the rest of the day at 11:30 lunchtime.

- Brooksie was in 8th grade technology class in Holley.  They listened to coverage on the radio.  School was cancelled the next day.


Doug With News

- Elderly Woman Mauled By Pitbull

- Warren Wins, Not Even Close

- Details Released On New iPhones

- Pullman Ave. Victim Out Of Hospital

This just in... Steve "Whatchu Talkin' About" Willis dresses Marianne as a drag queen...

Who Let The Dogs Out

We talk about the story of the woman mauled by a pitbull, which leads to other dog bite stories including Marianne's 2 month old nephew being bitten by a neighbor's dog.

Crosswalk Controversy

A Canandaigua woman was struck by a car in a crosswalk, which leads to talk of the laws regarding crossing the street.  Wease still thinks it's funny that Lonsberry gets pissed a jaywalkers.

A listener that witnesses that Canadaigua accident calls in to explain what happened.

Bonus Content... Thank God For Thongs

More 9/11

Another rememberance of 9/11.  People love this beautiful Lonestar tribute...

Ask Wease

- Dave from Skaneatles asks about the cleanliness of tattoo parlors... he wants to get a tattoo, but is paranoid.  Just like everything from restaurants to hospitals, it varies.  Find a clean place like Physical Graffitti.

- Pete wants to know if his 45 year old wife is too old to quit her high paying real estate gig to start a new career as a chef, where you have to start at the bottom.  Wease thinks this sounds crazy... the restaurant business is so difficult and stressful he thinks it's a bad idea.

Democratic mayoral candidate Lovely Warren calls in to thank Wease for his support yesterday, and having her on the air.  Wease told her he's trying to book Stevie Wonder for her victory party if she wins the November election.

- Can Wease recommend a place take friends visiting Rochester?  There are the "hack" places... not bad places, but places everyone goes like Wegmans, the Dinosaur, etc..  Wease highly suggests ArtisanWorks on Blossom.  A very unique facility with over half a million pieces of art, from students to master artists.  A very cool place.

Marianne talks about her new apartment, and how the previous tenants had lots of pets... mice, hamsters, cats... her landlord is paying for the cleaning, but right now it stinks.

Does Wease ever get nostalgic about stuff from his childhood, and spend money on it.  Wease talks about a local business that ships Rochester food like Zweigel's hot dogs and Abbott's ice cream nationwide.  Wease also mentions sitting outside his old house hoping to be invited inside.

Jay and Sharon

SHARON OSBOURNE admitted on "The Talk" yesterday that she had a "fling" with JAY LENO when she was 25.  That was 35 years ago, when Jay was around 28.  This was a few years before Jay married his wife Mavis.  Sharon said she can't remember if the sex was good, but Jay was a good kisser.

After SHARON OSBOURNE admitted to her fling with JAY LENO on "The Talk" Monday, Jay got in touch.



On yesterday's show, Sharon said, quote, "As soon as the show was finished he called me.  He said, 'Isn't it amazing that . . . we were both single and we both found our love of our lives and we both got the longest marriages in Hollywood?'"

We also get a late Ask Wease from a guy whose wife cheat him, and now she wants to stay together for the kids.  Wease suggests counselling to try and patch things up, but another option is for him to find some side peach of his own.  He says that he and the wife have become involved in swinging... which changes things.  Stay with her and have fun.

We'll be back tomorrow with all of the laughs and info you normally get from The Wease Show, plus comedian Rich Vos, swinging stories, and much more.  it's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.