...Never A Doubt

Wease and Pauly had the Buffalo Bills in their Last Man Standing pool, and managed to pull out a 24-23 win with a TD with 2 seconds left in the game.  Wease is psyched for next week's game against the Jets  Even Marianne was excited about the win, and knew more about it than her boyfriend.  The most touching moment was EJ Manuel and his dad embracing after the son's 1st NFL win.

Tools With Sports

More NFL/Bills talk... John didn't think the Bills were a good LMS pick, and even Tools wife brought that up to him after the miracle win.

Wease has now officially mushed the NY Yankees after getting a cap and becoming a fan.  The Yanks got crushed by the Red Sox over the weekend, and are now 3 games out of the wild card.

The Seattle Seahawks beat the 49ers in the late game, which was delayed an hour because of lightning.  Colin Kapernick threw 5 picks for SF.

The Manning Bowl was a blowout, with Peyton and Denver over Eli and the Giants.  The Giants are now 0-2, but the last time that happened they won the Super Bowl.

Marianne's Party

Marianne had a get together Friday night at her new apartment with friends, family, and coworkers.  A great time was had by all, although a couple of mistakes were made by members of the Wease crew.

Pauly now feels badly that he tried to fix up a friend of Marianne's with Ryann's dad.  She didn't seem excited to be fixed up with an older guy.

Billy and Susan are now ready to vote for Wease on his "Free Parking Downtown" platform... they got a $50 parking ticket.

Movie Theater Fight

Irondequoit Police, Rochester Police, Monroe County Sheriff's deputies and State Police responded to a large fight that broke out at the Regal Cinema Friday night.

According to Irondequoit Police, the incident happened around 10 p.m. Friday at the Regal Cinema on Ridge Road in Irondequoit. Police said about 400 people were inside the theater watching "Insidious 2."

Police said fights began breaking out inside the movie theater, leading management to call in police and close the theater down. As the theater was cleared, some fights also began in the parking lot.

There were no injuries, according to police.

One person was arrested. A folding knife was found left behind in one of the theaters, but it had not been used.

A listener that was at the theater calls to talk about the incident, and the police presence when she left the film she was watching.  Wease, Pauly, and Billy had all seen problems at different theaters in the past, and everytime it was unruly kids.

Shari Smith News

Doug is ailing today, so Shari is pinch hitting.

- Movie Theater Fight Witness

- Local Man Killed In Farm Accident

- 3 Robberies In The City Sunday Night

- Miss New York Becomes Miss America

Here is the new Miss America, Nina Davuluri, when she was in studio with us recently.


The Powerball lottery is up to 400 million dollars, and the Wease Show will be stimulating the local economy after they win.  The five show members each picked one number, and Marianne the Powerball number because chicks are luckier.

Wease- 16

Pauly- 23

Marianne- 8

Billy- 40

Brooksie- 36

Marianne (with the Powerball)- 9

If those are the numbers we hope you enjoy whatever is on the radio tomorrow.

Miss America

A past Wease guest won the Miss America crown this weekend, so we talk about her win, the racist tweets that followed, and replayed the interview we did with her a couple months ago.


Wease talks about how he almost bought this weekend's boxing match on PPV, and how if he had he would've lost the bet he was going to make.  Marianne says her dad never gambles, but Wease bets that as a golfer her dad has gambled.  We call Marianne's parents, and Wease was right.

We also discuss Marianne's new apartment with her mom, who says it looks like a bordello.

Dog Eat Dog

Wease talks about walking his dog in Sodus this weeknd, and being nervous when a couple loose dogs approached them.  Wease was paranoid because one of them was a pitbull.  There were no issues, but the owner of the pooches was listening, and called to fess up...  her dogs had escaped, and were found later that day, but were the ones Wease saw.

We discuss the pitbulls reputation as the fighting dog, and why they get profiled that way.

Customer Service Stinks

Pauly and Wease talk about customer service issues they had with their TV service providers.  Pauly has the NFL Ticket package and missed most of the first half of the 1pm games.  After multiple attempts to call customer service he spoke with someone who blamed the problem on him, but fixed the issue.

More proof Florida stinks...

It's a good thing everyone in Florida is armed and ready to stand their ground, because if an ANGRY, FERAL MONKEY is trying to infect you with DEADLY MONKEY HERPES, you need to take the shot.


According to news reports, the state of Florida is currently dealing with an infestation of HERPES-INFESTED MONKEYS.


Back in 1939, a tour boat operator brought six rhesus monkeys to an island off the Atlantic coast.  Now there are over 1,000 of them, and somehow they started spreading HERPES to each other.  Even worse . . . they figured out how to SWIM.


So the monkeys have been swimming off the island, onto the Florida mainland, ready to spread their herpes.


Most of the monkeys have a strain called herpes-B.  The infection rarely takes in humans, but if one of these monkeys bites you and you get it, the symptoms are SEVERE and DEADLY.


Florida wildlife officials say the monkeys are officially considered a public health hazard.  They've already rounded up about 700 . . . but at least 300 more are floating around, mostly in the northeast part of the state.