A Chilly Tuesday Morning

We start today with the big news story of the day... the tragic shooting spree in Washington DC.

America suffered another horrible mass shooting yesterday.  A discharged Navy reservist and current military contractor shot up a Navy Yard in Washington D.C., killing 12 people and injuring 8 more. 


The gunman was 34-year-old Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth, Texas.  It was a little after eight in the morning, and he was armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, another rifle, and a semi-automatic Glock handgun.  


He was killed during the shootout too, although it's not clear who shot him.  Initially there were reports that there was a SECOND gunman, and that FOURTEEN people had been injured. 


Alexis was discharged from the Naval reserves in 2011 for a, quote, "pattern of misconduct."  The Navy is reviewing his files now.  He has been working as an IT contractor for the Navy.


His motive for the shooting is still unknown, but there's no evidence that he was a terrorist or working with any terrorist groups. 


Back in 2004, he was arrested for shooting a neighbor's tires after a fight.  He told detectives he, quote, "blacked out" during the shooting.  He was also arrested in Texas in 2010 for illegally discharging a gun when he accidentally shot his ceiling. 


The Washington Navy Yard is the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command and the Navy's oldest land base.  It was created in 1799 and burned during the War of 1812.  About 3,000 people work there.


There are details on eight of the 12 people killed in the shooting.  None of them were military personnel.  Since everyone's going to be talking about the filth who took their lives, let's take a moment to focus on the victims.


The ones we know about so far are Michael Arnold, age 59 . . . Sylvia Frasier, 53 . . . Kathy Gaarde, 62 . . . John Roger Johnson, 73 . . . Frank Kohler, 50 . . . Kenneth Bernard Proctor, 46 . . . Vishnu Pandit, 61 . . . and Arthur Daniels, 51.   


So, six men and two women.   There was a moment of silence and some recognition of them from the military before last night's Monday Night Football game.

Questions raised by this story include "how does someone that admitted to an angered fueled blackout not get locked up then", "how did he get access to guns after his history of violence", and "how did he get guns just days before his shooting spree"?

Tools With Sports

Wease lost a bet last night on Monday Night Football.  Billy suggested Wease take Cincinatti over Pittsburgh, and the under (the number was 40).  Our boss said take the over... Wease took his advice and lost.  Bengals win 20-10.

The Bills are getting beat up in the media because after the game tying TD the Bills official Twitter account said the game was going to overtime, and so did the team's radio announcer John Murphy.  We don't understand how this mistake was made, that they would forget the extra point try.

A reason to watch the NY Mets tonight... Jerry Seinfeld will be joining the Mets broadcasters in the booth tonight, reuniting with Keith Hernandez.


Redneck News

Walworth man charged with touching breast of 12 year- old girl

State Police Investigators out of Willioamson reported the arrest of

Dennis M.  Carey,
age 66, of Pin­tail View in Wal­worth on Saturday (9/07) for Forcible Touching and En­dangering the Wel­fare of a Child.

It is al­leged
that on June 15th of this year Carey touched the breasts of a 12 year old girl who was visiting his residence.

Carey was issued Appearance Tick­ets to return to the Town of Walworth
Court on October 2nd at 7:00 p.m.

Dennis M. Carey

Macedon Police reported the arrest on Thursday (9/12) of Anthony D. Marrero, age 25 of Farmington NY.

While conducting a property check in the Macedon Wal- Mart parking lot, Marrero was observed on a bicycle outside of the store wearing a Hallow­een “ Jason” ( A masked character out of a series of horror movies) mask at 3: 45 a. m. Upon interaction with Mar­rero, it was learned that Marrero was wanted in Ontario County for felony drug sales.

When Police attempted to place Marrero into custody, he become vio­lent and fought with officers and re­sisted arrest. Marrero was eventually subdued with the use of a taser.

During the arrest, a Macedon Police Officer suffered a leg injury and was later treated and released from a local hospital.

Marrero was charged with Resist­ing Arrest, Obstructing Governmental Administration 2nd degree and Assault in the 2nd degree, being a felony level offense.

“We still don’t know why he had a ‘Jason’ mask on”, said Macedon Police Chief John Colella.

Marrero was processed and ar­raigned in the Town of Macedon Court and was remanded to the Wayne Coun­ty Jail on $25,000 cash/$50,000 bond. Marrero is to reappear in Town Court on September 17th, at 11: 00 am.

Anthony D. Marrero

Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Wednesday (9/11) of Bonnie R i p l e y , age 48 of Church Street in Newark for one count of Petit Lar­ceny. It is alleged that Rip­ley stole assorted items in­cluding cheese, Coffee Mate, Febreze and 3 lighters from the Dollar General Store valued at $22. She was released on an appearance ticket for Village Court on October 2.

Bonnie Ripley

Is it nice, mean, funny, or sad that Wease wants to try and get Bonnie some plastic surgery.  He thinks with Dr. Q's help she could be as good looking as Joan Rivers or Sharon Osbourne.

State Police in Lyons reported the arrest on Thursday (9/5) of Kendra E. Noyes, age 20 of Sun­derville Road in Lyons. It is alleged that in Au­gust, Noy­es stole her mother’s c h e c k ­b o o k . She was c h a r g e d with 16 counts of Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the 5th degree, 16 counts of Forgery in the 2nd degree, and 10 counts of Identification Theft. Noyes was arraigned and remanded to jail on $ 2500 cash bail and will reap­pear in Lyons Town Court on Septem­ber 18.

Kendra Noyes

Doug With News

Redneck News Followup

A regular caller that we refer to as Cemetary Man (I think he digs graves or something) calls to discuss the crimes in Times Of Wayne County which we don't find very bad, and tells us about the one he was charged with... spitting at his wife during an argument.  We're suspicious that's all he did, sure that something else must've happened.  That was the end of Cemetary's marriage, and his ex is now with his brother... NOW THAT"S REDNECK!!!

The ex wife, Lydia, calls to stick up for Cemetary, and confirm eveything he said was true.

Big Drug Bust In Rochester

Wease uses his extensive knowledge of the pharmacutical industry to comment on the local "Molly" bust that saw the accused get in trouble, and the mistakes they made.

Wease winds up arguring with a listener who thinks that the arrest of the drug dealers is no big deal... absolutely no effect on the War On Drugs.  Wease used to believe this, but as a parent is glad that at least some of this stuff is off the streets of Rochester.

Breathalyzer App

A listener calls to tell us about a great app for people that like to both drink and drive, but not at the same time...

Use your iPhone or iPod Touch to keep track of your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) while you’re drinking with the DrinkTracker personal breathalyzer simulator and BAC calculator app.

Quickly and easily keep a record of what you’ve been drinking with the fully editable one-tap drinks list - add your own favourite drinks to the drinks list as well and sort them into any order you want.

One-time set up of personal profiles including gender, age, height, and weight means you don’t have to constantly re-enter personal details. Just select a profile at the start of a drinking session.

DrinkTracker automatically compares your alcohol intake and your metabolic removal rate and updates your current Blood Alcohol Content every 60 seconds. Even if the application is turned off, when it’s started again it will pick up where it left off, retaining the previous drink and profile details and then recalculating your BAC ready for the addition of more drinks.

Wease also tells about past jobs he's had, including mailman and surveyor, and how he was able to cheat on those jobs, and do less work.

Ace Frehley/Autographs

Over the weekend Wease got into a Facebook debate with former Lonsberry producer Mike DiGeorgio about the band Kiss, and former member Ace Frehley.  Ace was at Turning Stone last weekend for a sci-fi/horror convention at people were paying for his autograph, including a girl crying because she was so excited.  Wease thought this was ridiculous, and talks about his distain for the musician.

Turns out KISS leader Gene Simmons agrees with Wease...

GENE SIMMONS hasn't said great things about former KISS members PETER CRISS and ACE FREHLEY in the past . . . but now, he's getting even harsher. 


In an interview with "Rolling Stone", Gene said that Peter and Ace were given plenty of chances to remain in the band . . . but they kept blowing it by not growing up and taking things seriously.


(Or at least as seriously as you can while wearing costumes and face-paint.)


Gene says, quote, "I won't stand for drunks and alcoholics who get up onstage and consider it their birthright.  I consider it a privilege to get up there and arrive on time and be sober, and I'll be an [A-hole] to anybody who thinks otherwise . . . 


"Ace and Peter have had a lifetime of being losers.  And not just with drugs and alcohol.  They're losers because of wrong decisions.  You sleep in the bed you make.  How many chances in life do you get?"

This leads to a discussion of autographs, and Billy mentions how at the upcoming New York Comic-Con Sylvester Stallone is charging $400 for an autograph, or to have your picture taken with him.