Tools The Pinch Hitter

Wease is in Vegas for the next couple of days for the I Heart Radio Music Festival, so John Ditullio is sitting in.

We start the morning talking about how men dress.  Tools says he's feeling good today, but he's not presenting himself as good as he does on his own afternoon show.  Yesterday was "Suit Day" on the John Ditullio Show. From left to right, Tools-Dan Moriarty-Kim Bernston.

This leads to a discussion of mistakes men make when dressing themselves, including sandals.  John is even a supporter of sandals with black socks.

Tools also mentions that his daughter is now taking violin lessons, which Marianne also plays.  They discuss the difficulties of a young kid taking music lessons, and how she'll want to quit, but if she sticks with it she'll be happy.  We also talk about what instruments we'd want to play.  Pauly's dark horse choice is the harmonica.

One last question for this segment... would you be comfortable eating a meal if you knew the recipe came from your significant others ex?  Marianne is the only one that doesn't understand the problem with this.

Tools with Sports

The big news in sports is that Pauly's Cleveland Browns have traded their best player, running back Trent Richardson to the Colts for a 1st round draft pick.  Pauly takes this as a sign that his team has already given up for the year after only 2 games.

Wease's Yankees won last night to stay in the wild card hunt.

We break down this weeks picks for the NFL, and if you want to see how you do against us, other Clear Channel radio personalities, and fellow listeners of The Wease Show and 95.1 The Brew play Pigskin Pickem HERE

Things That Go Bump In The Night

According to a new survey, ONE out of FIVE men say they're happy to let their wife or girlfriend check out a STRANGE NOISE in the middle of the night.  About 40% let her go because they KNOW there's nothing to worry about . . . but 10% let her go because they're TOO SCARED to check it out themselves.

Pauly says he goes to check on noises, even though he's scared himself.  John wants to know what maggots let their wives go check on noises... turns out Wease was listening on his way to the airport, and calls to tell us he is the guy that lets his wife go check.  He says Doreen is way scarier and tougher than he is.

John tells of the time he recently chased a bunch of kids who threw something at his house, but couldn't tell us what he yelled at the kids because it was just too mean.

Doug With News

- Winning Powerball Ticket Sold In South Carolina

- One Killed In Irondequoit Fire

- Fringe Festival Kicks Off

- Woman Dies After Crashing Into A Bus

Did you see the guy that missed out a million dollar prize on Wheel Of Fortune because he mispronounced the answer?  See it HERE

Toilet Talk

We discuss the use of wipes in the bathroom, and how it's become more common.  Is the U.S. the only country that uses just toilet paper to clean themselves?  We get into our own personal wiping habits, Pauly having wipes in his bathroom, and the rest of us thinking John doesn't wipe himself nearly enough.  John also doesn't look to make sure he's done wiping, and think that's normal.  The rest of us, even Marianne, looks... John thinks we're weird, but callers and texters back us up.

Dan Viola

Comedian Dan Viola joins us in studio, and is performing at The Comedy Club in Webster tonight through Sunday.  He is a baseball fan and a fan of the Pirates and Dave "The Cobra" Parker.  Tools tells about playing "Spin The Bottle" in high school with a girl nicknamed Dave Parker because she kissed like a cobra.

We learn that Dan and his wife have seven kids, and he talks about the difficulties of that, plus how they had to live in a hotel this summer because his house flooded.  We talk about kids in restaurants, and what the etiquette is.

Arrest Of Cop Was "Declaration Of War"

When a former cop got arrested for DWI, he told the deputy arresting him that it was a declaration of war.

Former Monroe County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Glazier was in serious trouble. He was pulled over in Livingston County, accused of driving drunk with an 11-year-old boy in the car. The police report shows Glazier pleading over and over to be let go. When the Livingston County Sheriff's Deputies didn't, the report shows Glazier drew a line in the sand.

Glazier was a veteran of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. The deputy arresting him is from Livingston County and the arrest report shows Glazier turned to him at court and said, “You know this declares war between the two departments. I'm not saying, but that's the way it's going to be.”

Glazier was pulled over September 7 on I-390 in Avon. Drivers called 911 saying they saw the truck, he's accused of driving, swerving in and out of its lane. According to the deputy's report, Glazier asked, “Can't you guys just give me a break?” Then he asked if they “could just get rid of the 911 recording.”

The deputy and a sergeant said no. 

The report says Glazier asked why the deputy and his sergeant “wants to do this to another cop” and accused them of “attempting to ruin his career”. In the end, the report shows the sergeant told Glazier it was “no one's fault but his for driving down the road while being intoxicated with an 11-year-old in the vehicle.”

Glazier is charged with felony DWI under Leandra's Law because of the child being in the car. He bailed himself out of the Livingston County Jail and then resigned from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. News10NBC reached out to the Monroe County Sheriff for a comment on these comments, but we're told the sheriff is out of town.

We discuss when cops should get a break... not in this case though... and if the kid being in the car means there will be a harsher penalty.

 Julie Benz

We're joined on the phone by actress Julie Benz, who is promoting her new Lifetime movie "Taken: The Search For Sophie Parker" .... After her daughter is abducted in Russia, an NYPD detective goes out of her way to find and save her.

Pauly is excited to talk to her about her most popular role, as Rita in the show "Dexter", Googs' very favorite show.  She tells stories about the reaction to her character's surprise death, and how she had to keep it secret for months.

Al Nocciolino

We're joined by Broadway producer Al Nocciolino, who is in to promote Rochester Broadway Theater League's 30th anniversary season.  Shows include "Ghost", "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas", "War Horse", "Once", "American Idiot", "Sister Act", and "Phantom of The Opera" (which takes 21 trailer trucks of equiptment to put together).

Al talks about the logistics of the shows, how he chooses what comes to town annually, and the "Pick Your Seat" promotion at the Auditorium Theater.  Get info HERE.

 Dirty Dancing vs.Godfather

Talking about the movie "Ghost" gets us talking about the other Patrick Swayze "classic" Dirty Dancing.  Dirty Dancing is one of Marianne's favorite films, and says it's better than The Godfather.  A ridiculous comparison, and leads to a debate of movies, and the music in them.  Brooksie shows his love of Dirty Dancing, and gets his man card revoked, even singing along with "I've Had The Time Of My Life".

Tomorrow's Show

Tools is back tomorrow for the Friday fun.  Marshall Fine movie reviews, Fringe Festival performers Bandaloop, and much more on tap.  It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice.