Wease at iHeart Radio Music Fest

From Las Vegas:

Is Bruno Mars the Paul McCartney or Dave Grohl of this generation? Moriatti tweeted so, but Wease strongly disagrees, and Billy considers Bruno Mars to be a better comparision to James Brown. Either way the whole crew thinks Mars a phenomenal performer.

Bruno Gallery: www.951thebrew.com/photos/main/bruno-mars-live-at-the-2013-367268/21591454/#/21/21591454

Wease also came to the defense of Miley Cyrus after 'jealous, ignorant' critics call her talentless. She may not be in your taste, but she's miles away from talentless. Ke$ha, however, Wease thinks is talentless. Here's a picture of Miley from the fest:

More Miley pictures: http://www.951thebrew.com/photos/main/miley-cyrus-live-at-the-2013-367261/21591096/#/0/21591096

Ke$ha simulates sex:

If Wease could be any other dude...at this point he would go with Maroon 5's Adam Levine. Brooksie agrees. If only because Levine has so many chicks slobbering over him. But Billy throws a curve ball, who would you rather be: Adam Levine or John Mayer? With Mayer's dating history Wease decides he would be the better pick.

Whatcha Talkin' Bout Steve Willis calls in to confirm Wease's theory that the celeb dudes end up gay because they become bored with all the womens (i.e. Mick Jagger, David Bowie) at least temporarily. Regular dudes could never understand this logic because regular dudes could never get the amount of puddy the celeb dudes get.

Whether it was Britney Spears or Floyd Mayweather, the annoucers for iHeart were underwhelming.

Wease brags he came home from Vegas on top because he plays poker, but was disappointed in the jackpots at Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand. He points out local joints here in Rochester have bigger jackpots! Wease is however impressed with the sheer size of MGM Grand, and the number of squeezes walking about.

20 hours of Wease playing poker wasn't enough for his Thursday-Sunday Vegas stay.

Sports with Tools

Bills lost to the Jets 27-20.

Tools and Wease talked the Giants 'embarrasing' performance at the Panthers. Wease hit an anti-sports rant in regards to the NFL Pregames and how those commentators are always making points we already know! 

Goalie fight at the Sabers' game. Miller got the beat down.

On this day in history 1908, NY Giants Fred Merkel missed first base after a game-winning hit. The term 'bonehead' was first coined to describe the infamous play.

Stu Green

The Rascalls live in concert November 20th, Auditorium Theater! Tickets go on sale Saturday.

Stu and Wease discuss Woody Allen's new flick, Blue Jasmine, with 'Dice' Clay and his surprisingly good performance. Oscar worthy? Wease thinks Cate Blanchett will surely win an Oscar.

Wease Rant

On Wease's third trip in Vietnam he remembers the good times:

Riding the helicopter listening to Armed Forces radio smoking a Vietnamese joint and one of Wease's biggest memories is hearing "It's A Beautiful Morning" by The Rascalls.

Wease says there were actually good times while in Vietnam. And Vets who say otherwise are lying to themselves. As a human being you must look for the chuckles in life. Positive Wease likes to find the silver lining.

Back to Vegas

McCartney was incredible. Of course. Wease beefs when McCartney opens the iHeart Festival with three new tunes. Its tough to hear legends with such vast catalogues (especially The Beatles!) play new material.

Wease was also digging some of the new (lesser know) acts like Pheonix and especially Jared Leto's 30 Seconds to Mars.

Wease brings it back to Miley again, complementing her live performance, and again asking how people can criticize her lacking talent. In the competition of pop music, today Miley Cyrus reigns #1. But some text in:

"She can't sing, she can't dance, no debate."

Wease was 'sickened' by Zed's performance and wanted to 'pick him off with a slingshot.' Wease can't understand why people pay money to watch somebody play music with a computer. And this is following Macca. DJs have a place in clubs, but in a theater concert setting it doesn't make sense.

Wease's ephipany about today's culture: kids with no musical talent want to be musical and can be musical just by recycling beats. There's no muscianship people!

Numerous Nuptials

Men are dicks. And its especially tough to get a man to marry you when you've got the child baggage. Such is not the case for Sister Shana who is marrying her 36 year old beau on November 8th.

If you're interested in Wease marrying you November 8th:



Calls to clarify the tift with Wease at the concert. Her POGO dancing. Wease refusing to dance. She does an on air sing-along with Bruno Mars. She questions the political correctness of 'handicap.' Wease emphasizes the importance of personal space, especially at a concert. Doreen gets some lovin' from the young dudes and forgets to mention her marriage to Wease.

And Doreen at the topless Vegas pool party...


Breaking Bad Best Drama

Jeff Daniels Best Actor for Wease's favorite show The Newsroom

Thunder Road for The Boss' 64th Birthday