R.I.P Matthew Richards

There is some sad news coming from Rochester City Hall.

City officials tell News10NBC, Matthew Richards, the son of Rochester Mayor Tom Richards, has passed away after a five year battle with cancer.

He was 37 years old.

We're told Matthew graduated from McQuaid Jesuit High School, and later on, St. John Fisher College with a degree in English.

In addition to his parents, Matthew will be missed by his wife, two sons and other family members, and many friends.

If you listen to the show on I Heart Radio you'll notice a couple new contributions by members of the morning show... during the commercial breaks on The Brew there is a good chance you'll hear Brooksie's App Of The Day, Billy's This Day In Music History, some of Marianne's favorite comedian's, Pauly's Celebrity Birthdays, and more.  Brooksie tells Wease about a couple apps including Talking Larry.

Billy talks about being at the bus stop at The Liberty Pole yesterday when gunshots were fired.  He got onto his bus just seconds before the trouble erupted into fights and gunplay.  Check out the whole story HERE... councilman Adam McFadden was also there.

Tools With Sports

Pauly starts out with some good news for Wease.  Their fantasy football team was the high scoring team for the week, which won them a $25 bonus, so Wease get's an extra $12.50 in his pocket today.

- The Broncos beat the Raiders 37-21 last night, barely covering the spread.

- We haven't heard from Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones since Week 1 when he sprained his MCL in Baltimore's 49-27 loss to the Denver Broncos.

If you're wondering how Jones' rehab is going, it's going well enough that he was on a party bus early Monday morning with teammate Bryant McKinnie and a stripper named Sweet Pea. And apparently, Sweet Pea and Jones didn't get along.

According to TMZ.com, Sweet Pea hit Jones over the head with a 'gigantic Ace of Spades bottle.' After Jones was hit with the bottle, an ambulance was reportedly called for 'a bleeding male.' According to TMZ, not only did the blow to the head hurt Jones, but he was bleeding everywhere after it happened.

One of Jones' friends reportedly tried to retaliate against Sweet Pea, but McKinnie stopped the friend and then a fight broke out between McKinnie and Jones' friend, according to TMZ.

It's not clear why Sweet Pea hit Jones over the head with the bottle. It's also not clear how big the Ace of Spades bottle was. Ace of Spades bottles come in eight sizes, ranging from 750 milliliters to 30 liters.

Redneck News

These twin brothers must have gone so ape over a pair of monkeys that they're now accused of swiping them from a Nebraska home and bringing them to Florida.

On Monday, a woman from Nebraska contacted her local deputies to report that two of her apes were AWOL, reports the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

The woman reportedly had an inkling that two 20-year-old twin brothers -- Michael and Jacob Ruehlman -- had something to do with the pilfered primates, a pair of Gibbons monkeys.

A two states law investigation traced the abducted apes, along with the twins, to Fort Myers, according to the Sheriff's Office.

On Thursday, about 2:47 a.m., deputies conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that matched the description of the Ruehlmans' car, the report said. Inside, deputies said, they found the two missing monkeys in a backseat cage.

The Gibbons were turned over to a sanctuary for safe-keeping until the investigation is completed, according tot the Sheriff's Office. 

Jacob and Michael Ruehlman were arrested and charged with dealing in stolen property, records show.

The twins are also facing charges from Florida wildlife officials for not having sufficient permits, as the Gibbons are endangered.

And Nebraska may also have some pending charges related to the monkey business.

Photos: Lee County Sheriff's Office

Photos: Lee County Sheriff's Office (September 20, 2013)

The Wayne County Office of the Sheriff reported the arrest on Saturday ( 9/ 14) at 9: 23 p. m. of Richard L. Rus­sell, age 71, of R o s s R o a d , in So­dus for E n d a n ­g e r i n g the Wel­fare of a Child a n d S e x u a l Abuse. It is a l l e g e d t h a t w h i l e in the Town of Arcadia, touched a young male victim’s groin.

Russell was arraigned in the Town of Lyons Court and was released on his own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in the Town of Arcadia Court at a later date to answer to the charges.

Richard Russell

State Police in Lyons are investigat­ing a house party that occurred in an unoccupied house at 1330 Palmyra Road in the Town of Palmyra on Au­gust 16th. According to the State Police Investigators, about 30 people were in attendance at the party. A fight broke out and Nicholas J. DeSain, age 19 of 189 Canal Street in Lyons, allegedly picked up a board with a nail sticking out and hit a Cachynna F. Cody in the face with the board. Cody was taken to Newark Wayne Hospital with a hole in her cheek. Desain was charged with Assault in the 2nd degree, arraigned and remanded to jail on cash bail Police are expecting more arrests in­cluding another assault from the party.

Nicholas J. DeSain

This biggest debate about this story is how to pronounce the victim's first name, Cachynna.  Billy says Cuh-China... Marianne says Cah-Kin-Ya.

On Tuesday ( 9- 17) the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit arrested two people following an inves­tigation into the alleged manufacturing of methamphetamine at a residence in the Village of Waterloo.

A joint investi­gation between the Sher­iff’s Of­fice, the Waterloo Police Depart­ment, and the New York State Police, was initi­ated fol­lowing a com­plaint from the Village of Waterloo Department of Public Works that some garbage collected at a residence had exploded in the back of the Village garbage truck.

The subsequent investigation led to the execution of a search warrant at 17 Thurber Drive in the Village of Wa­terloo where members of the Sheriff’s Office, Waterloo Police Department, New York State Police, and Drug En­forcement Administration ( DEA) lo­cated numerous items related to the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

It was also learned that three chil­dren resided in the home at the time. Seneca County Child Protective Ser­vices responded to the scene to assist and immediately worked with Sheriff’s Investigators to ensure the children’s safety.

Arrested were the following:

Jamie L. Murphy,
37, of 17 Thurb­er Drive, Waterloo, New York, was

Jamie L. Murphy
charged with Unlawful Manufacture of Methamphetamine, a Class D Felony, and three counts of Unlawfully Dealing with a Child in the first degree, Class A Misdemeanors. Murphy was arraigned in the Waterloo Village Court and re­manded to the S e n e c a County Correc­tional Facility on $5,000 cash bail/ $ 10,000 secured bond. Murphy is to re­appear in the Waterloo Village Court on Septem­ber 23, at 10am.

Rachelle S. Murphy, 32, also of 17 Thurber Drive, Waterloo, New York, was charged with Unlawful Manufact u re of Methamphetamine, a Class D Felony, and three counts of Unlaw­fully Dealing with a Child in the first degree, Class A Misdemeanors. Mur­phy was arraigned in the Waterloo Vil­lage Court and remanded to the Seneca County Correctional Facility on $ 2,500 cash bail/$5,000 secured bond. Mur­phy is to reappear in the Waterloo Vil­lage Court on September 23, 2013, at 10am.

The Waterloo Village Court also is­sued Class A “Stay-Away” Orders of Protections on behalf of the children prohibiting both Jamie Murphy and Rachelle Murphy from having contact with the children.

Jamie Murphy

Rachelle S. Murphy

A friend of Wease's calls to talk about being at the I Heart Radio Music Festival to talk about the debauchery he saw in Vegas, from hot chicks in tiny dresses, to public drunkeness, to simulated knob jobs.

Doug With News

- School Cancels Football Season After Player Death

- Alleged Thief Leaves Wallet On Counter

- Rochester Red Light Lawsuit Before Judge Today

- NY Seeks To Delete Phony Online Reviews

Bonus Content... Miley At The iHeartRadio Music Festival

Marianne's "Epitome Of Evil"

Photo: Escambia County Jail

Marianne says this guy is the evilest guy ever... beating someone to an upbeat song is just sick...

We also speak to a young lady named Melissa who is getting married at Numerous Nuptials this year.  While interviewing her we learn she doesn't have any kids, which reminds Wease that he has a story about the "misery of fatherhood", which he'll tell after the break.

Man taped beating girl to tune of Robin Thicke's song 'Blurred Lines'

Think your Saturday night was bad?

Steven Grady Fillingim, 40 is behind bars after becoming angry with a girl on Saturday night and calling her "lazy" because she hadn't "vacuumed up bugs from the carpet," according to an arrest report from the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, in Florida's Panhandle.

According to the report, Fillingim is also accused of hitting the girl with a belt and his hands, forcing her to hold a heavy weight out in front of her body and shovel dirt for more than an hour.

All of this was was supposedly for being lazy and skipping school. But here's the kicker;

When the girl admitted skipping school on Sept. 12, the report says, Fillingim used a switch to hit her thighs for more than 40 minutes as the song "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke played in the background.

The girl told deputies Fillingim recorded the whipping on his cellphone before sending it to his girlfriend.

The girlfiend, now Fillingim's ex-girlfriend, allowed deputies to view the video, which is titled, "She's Home," the report stated.

Deputies said they photographed the bruising on the back of the girl's upper thighs and her arm as evidence.

The 6-foot 2-inch tall Fillingim is charged with three counts of child abuse.

We also speak to a young lady named Melissa who is getting married at Numerous Nuptials this year.  While interviewing her we learn she doesn't have any kids, which reminds Wease that he has a story about the "misery of fatherhood", which he'll tell after the break.

Literal Man And Gullible Girl

Wease talks about listening to Kiss 106.7 yesterday afternoon with his daughter Lucy in the car, with Pauly as the DJ.  Wease asks Lucy "who is that DJ?" and she says, "that's Pauly G daddy"... Wease tells Lucy he works with a Pauly G on his show.

Marianne interrupts this story to tell Wease "it's the same guy... doesn't he know that?"  Really?  Really??  Looks like Literal Man has a new sidekick... Gullible Girl.

Wease then tells about running errands with Lucy, who despite thinking he's a great driver wound up hitting a curb, and hitting it HARD, doing a bunch of damage to the car, shredding the tire and more.  After a barrage of foul language he winds up calling triple A and admitting to Vision that he put a whupping on his vehicle.

Things We Buy And Don't Use

1.  Chocolate fondue fountain – I have only ever seen these at wedding receptions, which is probably all they are used for when they are purchased in the first place.

2.  Foot spa – I think this should be toward the bottom of the list.  It would be a little odd for me or anyone in my household to have such a thing.

3.  Workout DVDs – Ahh yes!! Something that should be #1 on this list of not so necessary purchases.  New years resolution… I’ll start working out!! Then January comes and the “Maybe Next Year” starts rolling around in your head.


4.  Fondue set – Again, special occasions like, having the family over or a wedding reception would be good places for this waste of money.


5.  Digital photo frame - I have seen these before.  Basically a picture frame with a screen that you upload all your pictures to.  Except after you do it once, you don’t want to go through the process of putting new pictures on it.

6.  Pasta-making set – Just make pasta.  There is a set?


7.  Juicer – Honestly if I had a juicer, I would use it until it broke.  Or until I was broke.  Fruit and vegetables are expensive.


8.  Bread machine – I have a problem with this one.  My mother had a bread machine and she used it until it broke.  Best bread ever.


9.  Cocktail shaker – If you want to be classy this is the thing for you, except they run for about thirty bucks! Much easier and cheaper to crack a beer.


10.  Sleep tracker or monitor – How would this thing work?  Would you have to push a button every time you wake up?  How would you push it if you’re asleep?

More Morons And Miley

Excuses, excuses.

Guess the devil made him do it.

David Edward Benes, 54, a Pasco County man, was hauled to the slammer after being accused of hurting his 80-year-old live-in girlfriend of three years while he allegedly tried "to exorcise her," reports the Tampa Bay Times in St. Petersburg.

Oh, yes, alcohol was involved.

Pasco County jail Inmate records show Benes was arrested twice for domestic violence at his current address -- in April 2012 and just 13 days ago.

Photo: Pasco County Jail

Our prep service has a story about the outfit's Miley wore at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, which Wease was at.  It also mentions the dancing midgets during the show, which Wease loved.  He's Miley slapping the butt of a little person.

We also talk about Wease's favorite new musician, Bruno Mars, and how when he was a little kid he played an Elvis impersonator in the movie "Honeymoon In Vegas" with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Join The Club

A caller wants Wease's opinion on police officers that will give fellow officer's a break if they are caught bending the law on minor infractions.  Wease understands giving people that are "in your club" a break, and tells stories of past experiences in his life.

Do cops give each other tickets?  Listeners give their opinions on different situations and circumstances.  When and where should people that risk their lives for us get special consideration?

Troy Smith

We're joined in studio by writer Troy Smith of Subculture Magazine, who came to our studio to do an interview with Wease about his tattoos and his life.  Troy also tells us about the upcoming Anti-Fashion Week, and other cool things going on around town.  Wease tells stories behind some of his tattoos, and learns about some of the hip stuff in Rochester that has gone under his radar so far.