The big story in local sports is that for the first time in Section V history a female scored a touchdown in a high school football game.

Jensine Folu-Montes ran the ball in from two yards out to cap a 49-8 Schroeder win over Wilson in Webster Tuesday night.

It's believed to be the first time a female scored a varsity TD in Section Five and it came in what's believed to be the first Tuesday night game in Section Five history.

Not to be overshadowed was the performance of Warriors starting running back Bam Akinniyi, who rushed for 317 yards and five touchdowns.

Poor Bam... he's the guy we're trying to get hold of.

Tools With Sports

We talk more about the the girl that scored that scored the TD for Webster, and even Tools didn't know who Bam was.

Pauly is excited about the Cleveland Indians making the post season with a come from behind win in the bottom of the 9th last night over the White Sox.  Pauly even recreates the homerun call for Indian hero Jason Giambi.

Wease mentions how there aren't that many Jewish sports stars, and one of the few has a sullied reputation.

Milwaukee Brewers star RYAN BRAUN, got caught up in a STEROID scandal.  And now it gets even worse:


Braun was supposed to be on the cover of volume 2 of the kids book "Jewish Sports Stars:  Athletic Heroes Past and Present" . . . along with Olympic gymnast ALY RAISMAN.  But the publishers took him off and replaced him with legendary pitcher SANDY KOUFAX.

The lack of Jews in sports was even the cause for a joke in the classic comedy "Airplane".

Toking With Lawrence Welk

Wease talks about a couple YouTube video that have made him laugh...  Mark Assini turned him on to this clip from the corny Lawrence Welk Show of a duo singing the modern spiritual song "One Toke Over The Line", which is actually a marijuana song.

We also talk about the recent phenomenon on "Prancercize", and whether anyone would actually do this.

Tattoo Debate

There are new rules coming for the US Army regarding tattoos, including not allowing them below the elbows or knees.  Wease, who has tats in both places thinks this is a silly rule, and has no bearing on whether they make a good/bad soldier.  Marianne disagrees a little, thinking the cleancut appearance without tattoos commands more respect.  Read the whole story HERE.

Doug With News

- Suspect In Double Robberies Arrested

- Floriduh Murder Suspect Arrested In Canandaigua

- A Bear Walks Into A Bar...

- Bono Imitates Bill Clinton, Gets Laughs

Kali Watkins

We speak to the head coach of the Webster Schroeder football team about the historic win for his team last night, with the first girl to score a touchdown, and Wease's main man Bam scoring 5 TDs, rushing for 317 yards.

Kali tells us about what it's like havinga girl on the team, when she gets into games, how excited the guys were to help her score, and how Jensine is a tiny 5'1", 108 lb girl.

Pauly and Wease are looking for a lock in their Last Man Standing Pool, having already taken Indy, Buffalo, and Seattle this year.  They're thinking maybe KC Chiefs over the NY Giants.

Do you want to prove you know more about football than the schmucks on The Wease Show?  Play Pigskin Pick Em, compare your picks to ours, and maybe win prizes ranging from pizza to a trip to Hawaii.  Go HERE.

Babies Laughing

Wease reads a couple jokes from his prep, and Pauly's "Baby Laugh" sound effect gets Wease and Marianne talking about how the sound of babies laughing makes people happy.  Marianne says she could watch a baby laugh for hours.

This Day In History...

33 years ago . . . in 1980 - JOHN BONHAM(the legendary drummer for LED ZEPPELIN) died in bed after a drinking binge in which he downed 40 shots of vodka.  Bonham suffocated on his own vomit.  He was only 32.


(This also meant the end to Led Zeppelin, as the group chose to disband rather than replace their friend.  They reunited for ONE SHOW in 2007 . . . which is coming to theaters and home video this year.)

Wease calls Zeppelin the greatest rock band ever, which angers our intern Dylan who wants to defend the honor of his favorite group, The Rolling Stones.  Dylan seems to get pissed legit that Wease doesn't agree with his opinion, and says he's gonna quit... we can't tell if he's for real.  after the set Wease and Marianne talk about how uncomfortable the segment was, and that Dylan seems kind of weird to them.

We're Sorry Dylan

Marianne starts the set by apologizing to Dylan, who feelings were hurt by Marianne when she called him weird and creepy.  She explained she was making jokes for the radio, but as an intern he should get used to being the low man on the totem pole.

The "Best Band Ever" debate contines with listeners voting for The Who, Rush, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and others.  We talk about a recent interview where Kanye West says he's the greatest rock star of all time.  We disagree, but like the balls of him saying it.

Ask Wease

-  Is it "too soon" for he and his girlfriend to do a Halloween costume as Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro and one of the kidnap victims.  Wease thinks it's funny, Marianne thinks it's disgusting.

- When an invitation says "no gifts" for a birthday party do they mean it?  Wease and Marianne both respect the "no gifts" request.  Wease says he always says "no gifts" because he doesn't need anything... this starts a funny back and forth between the haves and have nots on the show.  Pauly, Billy, and Brooksie may someday all wind up sharing a condo together one day, living as roommates like The Monkees.

Billy's Diabetes Vs. Papa John's Cookies

The biggest challenge to Billy's healthy new lifestyle is taking place.  Papa John's has brought some food to the studio, and the pizza is delicious, but even tougher to not eat is the warm chocolate chip cookie pie.  Wease tries to offer Billy some of the sound medical that he's known for, and says that the cookie is ok because if Billy didn't know he had diabetes he would've eaten the whole thing.  Now he can eat a small piece, and it won't be as bad for him.  Hmmmm... I'll have to think about that.

Update... Billy had a piece.  Amazingly delicious, feeling guilty, but the craving has been satisfied.  He'll be working out extra hard this afternoon, and eating super healthy to make up for it.

Brian from Papa John's helps the guys with their football picks for the Pigskin Pickem, which you can put up against your own choices.  Play HERE.

Movin' Melvin

Joined in studio by dancer/singer/storyteller Movin' Melvin who is performing at Geva this week as part of The Fringe Festival.  He charms us all with his stories, positive attitude, and especially his laugh which sounds like The Count from Sesame Street.