Monday Monday

Pauly talks about his weekend in a cabin in Old Forge, and how he couldn't live a quiet lifestyle like they do up there in the Adirondacks... he needs stuff going on.  We all agree.

Back in May, a report came out that rich people were hiring DISABLED PEOPLE to escort them around Disney parks . . . because disabled people can skip to the front of the line for rides.  So Disney's been forced to change its policy.  Now disabled people will get special passes that work like a FastPass, and lets them skip one line at a time.

Last night was the series finale of Breaking Bad, and Marianne is a HUGE fan, but hasn't had a chance to watch it yet, so if trying to avoid spoilers.  People want to know what she thought of the show, but is trying to not look at Twitter, or anywhere else that will spoil it for her.

Tools With Sports

The Bills with a big victory over the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens yesterday.  We breakdown the play of QB EJ Manuel, the 5 interceptions thrown by Ravens QB Joe Flacco, and this Thursdays showdown between the Bills and the Cleveland Browns, who also won yesterday.  After that game one of these two teams will be 3-2.

Wease lost a decent piece of change this weekend thanks to Ditullio, who texted Wease yesterday afternoon suggesting that Wease bet on Atlanta over the Patriots last night.

Tools NAILS a "This Day In History"... 41 years ago . . . in 1972 - ROBERTO CLEMENTE got his 3,000th and last hit for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  (He was killed in a plane crash three months later, on New Year's Eve.)  Speaking of the Pirates, Wease is rooting for a Pirates/Indians World Series.

Concert Talk

Marianne went to see Joan Osborne in concert Friday night, and talks about how much she enjoyed it, the Van Morrison covers that Wease would've loved, and a minor disagreement that she had with her boyfriend Robbie.  Marianne loved that Joan closed her show with the monster hit "One Of Us", while Robbie thought it was hacky, and that Osborne shouldn't have even done her most famous song.

Wease thinks that is a silly take on Robbie's part, mentions how many people in the audience would've been disappointed if she hadn't sang the hit.

Gun Buyback Controversy

Wease talks about this past weekend's gun buyback program on Arnett Blvd. in the city, and how he hopes in helped get guns off the streets, while Lonsberry's column takes the opposite opinion.  Wease also talks about the marketing of firearms to women by having pink guns, and how he heard Lonsberry say he wanted one.

Bonus Content... Babes In Camo$(KGrHqZ,!lQFHNreHDG4BR7,CWYDYQ~~60_12.JPG?set_id=880000500F

Doug With News

- Crucial Wegmans-Teamsters Vote Today

- Government Shutdown Looms

- Man Steals USPS Truck

- 6 Year Old Shot In City


Wease and Marianne both had a grape filled weekend.  Marianne went to the Napels Grape Fest with Robbie, where the healthy couple parked four miles away and rode their bikes the rst of the way, and then ate mostly good while they were there.  Marianne was hoping to cheat on their diets a little bit more with "fair food".

Wease's weekend surprisingly revolved around wine.  He went to a fancy wine dinner, and invited our boss.  Wease and Kevin both got lost on their way there, and because of a case of mistaken identity, the party wasn't hosted by the person Wease thought was having it, leading to a couple uncomfortable moments.

The getting lost, and mistaken identity, leads to Wease having a bit of an attitude... I know you're thinking, "No!!!  Not Wease."... and he went to Defcon 3 of grumpiness when he found out it wasn't just a party, but a thing where he had to score the wines.  He didn't want to "work" while drinking.  Wease wound up so drunk that Doreen drove home, where Wease slept in his clothes without brushing his teeth.


A flesh-eating drug has hit U.S. streets after first being discovered in Russia a decade ago.

Krokodil, Russian for “crocodile,” is a street drug used as a cheap substitute for heroin. The drug is referred to as krokodil because it causes sores, tissue damage and rough, scale-like appearance on the skin, ABC NEWS reported.

Pauly wonders how people start doing drugs after seeing all the bad things it does to people.  Maybe people should try E-Meth...

Nose On Forehead

A Chinese man has new nose grown on his FOREHEAD to replace the original which was damaged in a car crash.... this is just creepy looking.

Bonus Content... Hot Girls For Hunting Season

High School Reunions

Wease went to a high school reunion over the weekend, so talk turns to reunions.  Are you supposed to bring spouses?  Would Doreen want to bring Wease to a reunion in Long Island... here in Rochester he's "The Wease", but in L.I. he'd just look like her dad.

Billy graduated 30 years ago, and has never been invited to a reunion... if anyone from East High Class of '83 knows of one, let him know.  This discussion reminds Wease of Chris Trapper's song, "Wish I Was Cool".

Surprising Couple

We can't begin to imagine how many marriages out there have someone who's HIDING their true sexuality.  But none of those marriages can TOUCH the secrets in this one.


David and Cat Kaufman of Sacramento, California were married for TWENTY YEARS before they both realized what they'd been hiding . . . or decided to ADMIT what they'd known all along.

David admitted to Cat he'd always felt like a woman trapped inside a man's body, and was going to begin transitioning into a woman.


And Cat admitted SHE'D recently realized she was a LESBIAN.


But rather than become a lesbian couple, David was attracted to men . . . so once he transitioned to become a woman named Danielle, he wanted to be with men.


The craziest part of all of this is . . . their marriage wasn't REALLY a sham.  They really did love each other, but always more as friends.  Now they're separated, but still live a few minutes away from each other.

I bet you're wondering what this couple looks like...

Wease also tells us about "Miracle Frooties"... a tablet you put under your tongue, and later when you eat sour food it'll taste sweet.  Brooksie and Willie give it a shot, eating a lemon after putting the Frootie in their mouths... DELISH!!! is the report.  The real question is why would you do this?  If you're eating sour food why would you want to change the taste?  Learn about it HERE.

Wease suggests to Willie that Frooties might help Willie eat at the Y, but Willie doesn't want to hear nothing about that.