Our country turns 237 years old this Fourth of July.  Here's a quiz to see how much you know about Independence Day:



1.  Yes or BS?  Most of the fireworks used in the U.S. are made in China.


The Answer:  BS.  We import $218 million worth of fireworks from China each year . . . but U.S. fireworks companies sell $220 million worth here at home.     



2.  Yes or BS?  The U.S. exports less than a million dollars' worth of American flags each year.


The Answer:  Yes.  We export about $600,000 worth.  Mexico is our biggest customer.



3.  New Nation Quiz.  When the U.S. became independent in 1776, the entire population was about the same size as which current U.S. city?


  A.)  New York.

  B.)  Chicago.

  C.)  Memphis.


The Answer:  B.)  There were about 2.5 million Americans when the Declaration of Independence was signed . . . roughly the same size as Chicago is now.



4.  Sparkler Quiz.  How many sparklers would you need to get the same amount of heat as a blowtorch? 


  A.)  3.

  B.)  25.

  C.)  Half a million . . . about as many as they make in a year.


The Answer: A.)  Sparklers burn at about 2,000 degrees . . . and three of them would be as powerful as a torch.     



5.  Fireworks Quiz:  Congress passed a law allowing fireworks to celebrate July Fourth in what year?


  A.)  1777.

  B.)  1865.

  C.)  1941.


The Answer:  A.)  Fireworks were first authorized as part of Independence Day celebrations in 1777.  July Fourth was made a national holiday in 1941.     



6.  Yes or BS:  The rockets from large fireworks shows only reach a top speed of about 40 miles an hour when they're launched.


The Answer:  BS.  They go about 150 miles an hour.