On Friday morning, a grandmother was at her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico when a guy broke in wearing a purple bandana to cover his face.



The woman wasn't about to let him rob her without a fight, though . . . so she got in his face.  He grabbed her, they struggled, and she pulled his bandana down.



And that's when she saw the robber was actually her 22-YEAR-OLD GRANDSON.  His name is Thomas Clark.



And instead of being a good grandson . . . or even a remotely decent human being . . . he SHOVED his grandma down, grabbed her purse, and took off.



So she called the police.  And we're assuming it wasn't too hard to find him, since she could give them his name, his age, where he lives, his parents' names, and everything other possible bit of personal information they could need.



They quickly tracked him down, and he was arrested on felony robbery charges.  His grandma is recovering from the cuts and bruises she suffered when he threw her down.