Dumb criminals aren't limited to Wayne County and Florida... the newest one lives right near Billy in the city.

Two people have been arrested and charged for robbing a pizza delivery man.

Rochester Police say the delivery man, who works for Salvatore's Pizzeria on Dewey Avenue, was making a pizza delivery to a home on Dewey Avenue just before 4:30p.m. on Friday.

When he arrived at the house, police say 21-year-old Anthony Mayhew was waiting for him and threatened him with a club. The man was forced to leave the food, cash and his phone and left the area to call 911.

Police found Mayhew and 27-year-old Catherine Manchester inside a home on Velox Street and charged them with robbery, grand larceny and criminal mischief.

Who robs someone from their own house?  Kind of makes you easy to find.