MARK ZUCKERBERG is making billions by exploiting YOUR privacy . . . which makes THIS kind of amusing.



Khalil Shreateh is an unemployed hacker in Palestine.  But he's a "good" hacker who tries to help companies make their websites and software more secure, not a "bad" hacker who takes down websites or steals credit cards.



Last week, he found a security hole in Facebook that let anyone post to anyone else's wall . . . even if they weren't Facebook friends with that person.



Facebook offers people who find security problems at least $500 rewards, so Khalil let them know about the bug.  But they ignored him.  So he emailed again.  And they ignored him again.



So . . . he PROVED his bug by hacking Zuckerberg's WALL and leaving a post.  He wrote, quote, "First, sorry for breaking your privacy and post[ing] to your wall, I had no other choice . . . after all the reports I sent to the Facebook team."



Within MINUTES, Facebook fixed the bug and contacted Khalil.  They apologized for not listening to him . . . then told him he won't get the reward for finding the bug because he'd violated Facebook's terms of service by posting on Zuckerberg's wall.