Splitting up your stuff after a break-up is never fun.  Especially if you're both emotionally attached to some of the items.  And apparently that also applies to LESBIAN NAUGHTY NOVELTIES.



23-year-old Ashley Rivera lives in Fort Pierce, Florida.  (About 60 miles north of Palm Beach.)  And after a rocky one-year relationship, she broke up with her girlfriend and let her grab her belongings from their storage unit.



But apparently the girlfriend snagged a few things that weren't hers:  Some important paperwork . . . a pair of handcuffs . . . and THREE STRAP-ONS.



According to a police report filed by Ashley, the items were worth a total of about $300, and she says she owned them before the two started dating.



She also claims her ex wants to get back together, and that she probably took the items specifically so Ashley couldn't use them with anyone else.



At this point, police are looking into possible GRAND THEFT charges.  It's not clear why the women were keeping the strap-ons in their storage unit instead of their bedroom.



(The Smoking Gun)