When you leave your car with a mechanic, you know that momentary fear you have about what they MIGHT do with your car?  This is your nightmare.



On Thursday, a customer dropped off his black Hyundai Sonata for service at a Ford and Hyundai dealership in Salem, New Hampshire.



And there was definitely some servicing involved.  Because a 44-year-old mechanic named Mark Rice went on break, got in the car . . . and started servicing HIMSELF.



And he was doing it right out in the open . . . the car was only parked about six spots away from the front entrance of the dealership.  Someone saw him, called the cops, and they got there so quickly they found Mark STILL going to town on himself.



He was arrested for indecent exposure.  Turns out this isn't his first time not being able to contain his randiness . . . or find a private place for self-loving.  He was arrested in both 1996 and 1998 for open and gross lewdness.