I understand the impulse to CONSUMMATE THE MARRIAGE as quickly as possible.  I mean, it's very exciting to lose your virginity and have sex with your new spouse for the first time.  Right?  Um . . . moving on.



On Tuesday, 23-year-old Saint Ramirez and 31-year-old Miaya Smith got married at Oregon Trail Park in Gering, Nebraska.  And after things were official, they wanted to celebrate by having sex . . . RIGHT THERE in the park.



So they went underneath a big pine tree and started getting-it-on.  SEVERAL people saw them and called the cops.  When the cops got there around 8:00 P.M., they were still in the process of having sex.



Their other family members . . . including Miaya's five-year-old daughter . . . were still hanging out at the park while they consummated the marriage.



On Wednesday, both Saint and Miaya pleaded guilty to public indecency and each got 30 days in jail.