The website has released a list of the top 50 PARTY CITIES in the world.  Six cities in the U.S. made it, but only two made the top ten . . . Vegas and New Orleans.  Here's the full top ten:


1.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2.  Ibiza, Spain

3.  Las Vegas, Nevada

4.  Goa, India

5.  Koh Phangan, Thailand

6.  Cancun, Mexico

7.  Bangkok, Thailand

8.  New Orleans, Louisiana

9.  Ios, Greece

10.  Punta del Este, Uruguay


New York is number 12, Miami is 14, Los Angeles is 36, Chicago is 50 . . . and Montreal at number 20 is the only city in Canada to make the list.


(Check out all 50 cities here.)

Partying In Vegas