If you work in a restaurant and want to make fun of a customer, do not do it on a receipt, which you then give to the customer. A server at a St. Louis sports bar is the latest to make this error, when she added an order for "F***** NEEDY KIDS" onto a gentleman's bill.

On Father's Day, Joseph Gibson called up Friendly's Sports Bar & Grill to ask if he could bring his child to the establishment, which usually only permits clientele 21 and up, reports the St.Louis Post-Dispatch. The man answering the phone agreed, because it was Father's Day, but when Gibson received the receipt for his fried chicken dinner there was the profane reference to needy children, right below the extra poultry leg he'd ordered for his son.

The reportedly furious Gibson uploaded a photo of the receipt to the Facebook page of the Post-Dispatch. Gibson said that he had phoned the Friendly's manager to say that he was offended, and to ask what action would be taken, and was purportedly told that "if your [sic] that highly offended then don't come in," after which the person taking the call hung up.

The Post-Dispatch called the bar and owner Denny Domachowski told the newspaper that there had been no issues -- the child was perfectly well behaved, and the service was polite. It was just a silly little joke that the waitress intended only for the cook's eyes, and had intended to delete from the bill. "Normally, those [kitchen] instructions are cleared off the bill before it's printed and given to the customer," he said. "But, obviously, they weren't."

"I can understand why the gentleman was upset," Domachowski continued, "and that's why I apologize." But in speaking to CNN, Domachowski also defended the waitress, saying that "she was just in a hurry" and that he couldn't understand why Gibson was "making a mountain of a mole hill."