Read The Letter This Dad Wrote To Another Parent

"I want to thank the amazing woman who raised two beautiful daughters.

This happened yesterday while my wife, my 2 year old daughter and I were at LegoLand Discovery just north of Toronto. The mall was packed as it was Family Day so all the families were there shopping just as we were. My toddler is tall for her age so she was allowed entry to play in the indoor jungle gym. She was having an amazing time and my wife and I were so happy for her as we try to let her experiment and try new things, until she reached a point where she was stuck. She was stuck on a platform that she couldn't get down from as her feet didn't quite touch the ground and she was scared of falling - understandably so nor could she go back up because it was too high. The nice attendant asked if we wanted to go get her because she was doing that cry that isn't really a cry but more of a cry for help and my wife and I decided to say "no." We wanted to encourage her to make the "leap" (maybe 6 inches) onto the platform. This is where your daughters came in. They were about 5-6 years old and started to cheer on my daughter. When other children were just going around my daughter they were saying "you can do it, look at mommy and daddy. They think you can do it" and with a little bit of help, she was able to put her feet on the platform. We were both so happy for my daughter, as was she. Your daughters didn't stop there. They held her hand through other parts of the gym that my daughter couldn't get to on her own. My daughter followed your kids through tubes, rope ladders and slides which she never would have done on her own. The expression on her face makes me smile just typing it. When it was time to leave, my daughter looked up to your 2 girls with a smile bright enough to light up a room and said "tank you" and our hearts just melt. We wanted to thank you ourselves but when I did, it was kind of awkward and creepy. Like here is this grown man thanking me for my daughters helping his daughter, kind of thing. I wish there was a way to express my gratitude to you now so here's my best attempt:

Thank you for giving my wife and I hope that there are children who were raised to help others and do the right thing. That your daughters will be there to comfort and console the girl being bullied in high school. That you instilled a sense of "treat others the way you want to be treated" in them. That they saw my little girl and felt that being her friend was better than her being alone. I sincerely hope your daughters grow up to do amazing things because this world needs people like them to lead us places that we are too scared to go on our own; to go down the scary "tube" or climb the tall "rope ladder"; to lend a hand and a voice of encouragement when someone's afraid of falling; to make someone smile instead of crying because they said "you can do it" instead of "do it on your own."

I like think my wife and I are good parents, but I will strive to be the kind of parent you are. You are a great parent and teacher to your daughters. From our melted hearts to you...Thank You."

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