Woman Fakes Labor to Get Out of Ticket... AGAIN

They are BACK AT IT again!

Michael and Victoria Young are facing charges for the same damn incident in Attica that happened in Warsaw and hour earlier!

The Youngs were stopped on Main Street for following too closely, reckless driving and speeding

Michael and Victoria Young were also pulled over on North Main St. in the Village of Warsaw. 

Michael was driving a car with a suspended registration and no insurance.  When the cop walked up to the vehicle, Victoria Young said she was pregnant and in labor.  

So what did the Police do? They obviously gave a Police escort! When they got to the hospital, it was confirmed that Victoria Young was not pregnant, and had lied to police to get out of the ticket. 

Victoria Young was arrested for Falsely Reporting an Incident. There was a warrant for her arrest, but PLOT TWIST!!!

She had an order of protection in place for Michael Young to stay away from her, so he was also arrested. 

He's charged with Criminal Contempt, Operating a Vehicle While Registration Suspended, and Operating a Vehicle without Insurance!

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