Veteran Gifted Remodeled Home Thanks to Patriot Guard Riders, Home Depot

Webster, N.Y. -- "A day of renewed hope for a local veteran who's house has been falling apart for the last two years due to damage from a storm.

13 WHAM took a look inside the home that's now been remodeled by the Patriot Guard Riders and Home Depot.

Before the remodel, the house was falling apart and the kitchen items were in boxes.

“Food in bins. No counter tops to be able to do things,” said Stephen Imburgia, the homeowner and a veteran. “I had to use my kitchen table. Haven't been able to entertain like I was used to.”

Imburgia is living with disabilities, PTSD and traumatic brain injury, making life all the more challenging for him and his wife two kids.

After the extensive storm damage, even insurance couldn't make up the cost of needed repairs.

“Not having kitchen space. The bathroom was torn up for a long time,”Imburgia said.

“Inside the water damage was huge. It was enormous,” said Ahmad Rivazfar, who works for Home Depot. “Drywall, cabinets, counter tops. He really couldn't use his kitchen.”

Then the Patriot Guard Riders teamed up with Home Depot.

“I could not even imagine living like he has for the past year and a half, and, unfortunately, I think a lot of things have been done wrong to him,” Rivazfar added.

The two groups got to work, replacing the roof, drywall and paint. They also completely remodeled the kitchen.

“It's finally closure for stress and anxiety and that stuff. It's a beautiful, healing thing to have for veterans,” Dave Kern, former president of the Patriots Guard Riders said. “We can't pay it back. This is just because we care.”

“He stood up for us, and it's our chance to stand up for him,” Rivazfar said.

“I've spent 20 years defending my country, and I'm still proud. I will always be proud. These guys backed me up. I'm at a loss for words. The gratitude me and my family have,” Imburgia said.

Veterans can apply for home improvement grants here."

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