Gutter Thief Caught on Camera

13 WHAM - "It was 1:30 Sunday morning when a family on Adams Street in Rochester said a man walking his dog came right onto their property, stole gutters and walked down the street. Everything was caught on home security cameras from all angles.

Harry Herring was hired by the family to repair damage after a tree fell through their porch, causing significant damage. He said he is the one who bought the stolen gutters.

""I would not know what he was thinking," Herring told 13WHAM News. "Totally disrespectful toward somebody else's property. You do not have any right to take anything from anybody at any time."

He said the thief was brazen enough to walk right through the neighborhood. In the video, which lasts a couple of minutes, you can even see cars passing by.

"I would confront him," Herring added. "It made my job more difficult because I had to go get more gutters that I already had."

Some neighbors said they were not surprised to see the thief boldly walk into the yard and take property.

"I had someone who walked up into my house and took a cell phone off my table," a woman who lives on the street shared. "I still lock all of the doors and I wake up in the middle of the night just to check. It still has not gone away."

Many neighbors said the video is very clear and the neighborhood is small, so, likely, this person will likely be caught soon.

"At least he got the guy on camera," another neighbor shared. "They can give that to police."

The family said they will be pressing charges. Herring said it is not a matter of the price of the gutters, it is the principle."

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