4th Man Loses Everything. Needs Our Help

Jamie and her family were able to make it out of the devastating fire, but have lost everything. Read her message here:

"On April 11th 2017 , I returned to my house seeing blazing flames coming from the second story apartment's attic I ran into my home grabbing my baby from his crib then running through my home to find my 5 year old daughter and my father in the back bedroom. Running to safety across the street I called 911 as my father yelled to get the people out from the second story apartment. From the Negligence that caused the fire my 14 month old son and my 5 year old daughter and 50 year old father lost everything. Im 21 years old raising my 2 kids on my own just with the support of my father Im employed at Unity hospital I try my best to make it by.. I'm loss for words my kids are traumatized with this horrifying experience but with the greatness of god we are safe but homeless.. Anything will help. Were with out beds dressers couch's clothes everything... You never would think anything like this would happen to you I don't even know were to begin to start... Please everyone help share this please anything will help to get me and my family back on our feet. Thank you"

Clothing Sizes:

Kids clothing sizes: 

8-24 month

and the little girl is a 6X

Jamie: Size 5-7

Her Father: 31/31 pants size

9.5 Shoe size

They have no necessities, so beds, electronics, anything at all. Thank you!

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