Flight Club? (Think Fight Club at a mile high)

My family and I just flew for Spring Break vacation. We had no issues on our flights. NONE. When you think about the number of flights a day, it is surprising how smooth the majority of flights go.  Sometimes issues arise that are not handled well, think United and add this story to that category.

An American Airline flight on Friday from San Francisco to Dallas Fort Worth had an issue.  One that required some diplomacy on the part of the airline employee.  A woman got onto the flight with her baby's stroller. I have never seen this happen.  When our kids were stroller age the strollers had to be checked at the gate, as this one should have been too.  However, no airline employee stopped the woman and she, the baby and the stroller got to the back of the plane, where she put the stroller in the overhead.  

A short time later, a flight attendant approached the woman and told her she cannot have the stroller on the plane. The passenger refused to let the flight attendant check the stroller and was almost shouting.  The flight attendant asked for security personnel, escalating the situation.  According to a witness, “The flight attendant and the woman started making their way to the front of the plane. They were at the front of the plane near the crew area. The woman was holding on to the stroller and refusing to let go." The flight attendant’s tone was “aggressive” and the woman was refusing to let go of the stroller.

The flight attendant then responded by jerking the stroller from the woman, knocking her in the head and nearly hitting the baby in the head.  That led to this!

This gives a whole new meaning to in flight entertainment!  WOW! I swear we will learn that WIFI is altering our brains making us less patient, understanding and in general CRAZY! 

If you are flying soon, be ready for the unexpected!

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