Traffic Stop Results in Pounds of Weed Found

A vehicle on Buerman Road in Sodus was stopped for a Loud Exhaust and what was found after that will blow your mind.

When Troopers smelled weed, passenger Chance E. Burke, 21, of Sodus took off on foot. After he was caught,. the vehicle was searched and Police found over two pounds of marijuana, along with over $5000.

A 2 year old daughter of the driver, Vaughn S. Marsteiner, age 23, was in the vehicle at the time. 

Marsteiner was charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Criminal Possession of Marijuana in the Second Degree.

Chance was already out on bail on 14 charges from a traffic stop a while back

When Chance's vehicle was stopped, the car was searched and inside, 8 oxycodone, 49 oxy pills, 11 Xanax, 17 Terra Med cannabis, 120 milligram marijuana chocolate bites and 9 THC cherry drops.

Let's put it this way... Chance has a BUNCH of charges still pending!

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