Coming Soon: Heroin Injection Safe Rooms

At least eight other countries like Europe and Canada already use facilities and sites like these. They provide places where addicts and users can come, inject and ride out their high while under medical supervision.

They say sites like these will decrease the amount of addicts on the streets, laying on corners high and exposed to the public. It will also decrease the spread of blood borne illnesses through shared needles and improper disposal of needles.

As reported in NPR, the first location to test out this type of facility will be in Boston, along Boston's "methadone mile." It will be a room staffed with medical professionals, chairs and life saving equipment. It  will not allow injection at the facility, but provide a place for users to ride out the high and side effects.

The funding isn't secured and it's expected to be very taxing and labor intensive. While users and addicts are in the facilities, it is the goal of employees to 'try like heck' to get them into treatment. 

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