New Technology Offers Insight into Greece Cold Case

WHEC - "In March of 1976, the skeletal remains of a young child were found inside a blue storage trunk in an apartment complex basement in the Town of Greece.

The boy had brown hair, a light blue pajama top with a deer design. He also was wearing a plastic diaper and two stainless steel diaper pins. After more than four decades, police still haven't been able to identify the child. However, new technology has offered new insight into the case.

Wednesday, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released facial reconstruction renderings of the child, hoping someone might recognize him and be able to provide new information in the cold case.

Along with that, the NCMEC says DNA has revealed that the child was a boy. Based on the remains, in 1976, police were unable to make that determination. Isotopes tests also indicate that the boy lived in areas in the northwest and southeast prior to Rochester."


Renderings of the boy's face with his pajamas

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