GoFundMe Page To Bring Home Gino's Puppy

Friends of Gino have created a GoFundMe page for a beautiful reason...

"It has been a rough couple days with the unexpected loss of our good friend Gino. It was an accident that has left all of us wanting nothing but love and support from our families and friends. 

As we all talk about the good times and future plans Gino had talked about, all we could think about was how he wanted nothing more than his very own beautiful brown baby lab."


"Gino and his best friend Hunter looked forward together to road tripping and getting her next week more than anything. In memory of Gino, all we want is to make him happy up there and to keep his wishes strong. We ask for your help. 

We appreciate any help we can get to bring Gino's baby home as planned. We know it means the world to him and there are not enough words to thank all of you for the love and support through this time. Thank you!"

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