Tom Bork's 240 Z replicated by Hot Wheels

Tom Bork is a local Pediatric Dentist and owner of Doc B Racing.  His Datsun 240 Z was licensed by Hot Wheels and they replicated it!  I don't know about you, but that impressed me!

Tom is spear heading Motorfest 2017 to benefit the Jack Foundation.  The Jack Foundation was formed in the memory of three year-old Jack Heiligman who was lost in atragic lawn mower accident last year.  Proceeds from this year's Motorfest will help the Jack Foundation's goal of constructing dinosaur themed educational playgrounds in municipal parks int he greater Rochester area.  The Jack Foundation also promotes Just Acts of Caring and Kindness or J.A.C.K.

On Saturday July 8th, for $35, you can bring your street legal car (any car, even a minivan) for a scenic ride to Watkins Glen Race Track where you will do three laps around the track.  That is blast!  Sunday July 9th is the 10th annual Jonathan Krenzer Car Motor Show at the Damascus Center, 979 Bay Rd., Webster.  If you have a car you would like to have in the Motor Show there is a $15 enty fee, but attendance to gaze at the cars is free.  

Here is Tom Bork's Datsun 240 Z with his Hot Wheels replica in the foreground. 

And the next picture is the Hot Wheels Replica up close!

I am so ENVIOUS!  

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