Cars, Person Hit by Get-a-way Car at Home Depot

The Daily News — "What began as a shoplifting call at Home Depot turned into a hit-and-run and the suspects crashing a rental car in Monroe County Wednesday morning.

One “person of interest” was in custody, but as of late Wednesday afternoon no charges had been placed.

Genesee County sheriff’s deputies were called to Home Depot just before 10 a.m. for a report of a larceny-in-progress. Several units went to the scene and discovered that a person had pushed a shopping cart full of tools out of the store without paying and was trying to load them into a car. A citizen attempted to stop the theft and the suspects got in the car and drove away, hitting a person in the parking lot along with two parked cars. The pedestrian’s injuries were not released by police but were not serious.

A description of the car was sent out to neighboring counties and the car was found crashed on the Thruway in Henrietta, Monroe County. The car’s air bags had been deployed.

Genesee and Monroe sheriff’s deputies along with state police conducted a search of the area.

Genesee K-9 Deputy Chris Erion said the suspects had not been found but that “one person of interest” was taken into custody for questioning.

The car was believed to be a rental car and Erion confirmed social media posts that a person had called the rental car company seeking information about getting insurance on the car, after the crash happened.

Several items were recovered from the car and the investigation is continuing."

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