Mother/Aunt of Boys & Girls Club Shooting Suspect Arrested

13 WHAM -  "The mother and aunt of a man who was acquitted for the triple murder in the Boys & Girls Club shooting have been charged with assault.

Police said they responded to a home on Columbia Avenue for the report of an assault Thursday morning.

Officers say the alleged victim sustained facial injuries during a fight and was transported to the hospital.

Police said the suspects left the location before officers arrived but were taken into custody at the Hall of Justice.

Marquita Ladd, 40, is the mother of Michael Mathis, who was acquitted not long after she was arrested at the Hall of Justice.

The other suspect, Laquetia Ladd, 37, is Mathis' aunt.

Both are charged with 2nd degree assault and 2nd degree strangulation.

According to paperwork, the alleged victim claims Marquita Ladd hit her in the head with an iron several times.

The investigator reported that Laquetia Ladd choked the victim until she blacked out, losing consciousness.

She suffered two swollen black eyes, along with substantial swelling and pain to her head, face and neck, according to the paperwork.

The alleged victim told police she lives with the Ladd sisters' other sister, and that the two suspects attacked her while she was having an argument with the third sister.

Marquita Ladd is currently out on bail for criminal possession of a controlled substance.

She also has several prior assault convictions: 3rd degree assault in 2009, and 2nd degree felony assault in 2005."

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