Meltdown at Ma Marge Moran's 70th Bday

Leading up to this past weekend Bill had talked a few times about his mom's big 70th birthday bash, as the entire Moran clan was going to get together at a rented home near Rhinebeck, NY. 

(Pardon Bill's creepy face in this panoramic photo)

The guest list had the usual suspects (Bill's wife and kids, his siblings, nieces, and nephews) but also included two men:

  1. Bill's father (Also named Bill, divorced from mom about 8 years ago)
  2. Art (mom's boyfriend a year-plus)

The talk up to this past weekend had been about the potential awkwardness between those two men, but what ended up happening was a complete shock to all involved.

Listen back to Bill's epic story of what went down.

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