Bogus Parole Bill

WHEC - "The debate over a proposed law that police chiefs say restricts their ability to deal with parolees continues.

The law was approved by both the Assembly and Senate, and now is being considered for approval by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Senator Patrick Gallivan, who sponsored the legislation, says this measure has nothing to do with police officers but admits there's a lack of effective communications among lawmakers. He also says this bill could have gone further to make our streets safer."

"Gallivan says this bill is meant to address a merger between the Division of Parole and the Department of Corrections in 2011. It clarifies the roles of parole officers and corrections officers."People who were corrections officers were brought out on the streets and they were executing parole warrants and doing round-ups type of thing," says Gallivan.

Greece Assemblyman Peter Lawrence drafted a bill that would give police officers the authority to arrest parole violators. He says it never made it to the floor for a vote. "I don't really see the purpose of this bill. It is not properly written. The DOCCS themselves has got the ability to administratively do this. So they don't need a bill, they don't need legislation.""

"Lawrence says his bill would also have created a database that would give police access to information about parolees. That is what he says would keep the community safer. When I asked Gallivan about this, he admitted the two lawmakers should have been talking, so this law could have addressed some of the issues raised by police.

"This does not prevent police officers from doing what they've been doing," says Gallivan. "At the same time it doesn't give them any additional tools than what they have now.""

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