Cuomo Will Give 7 Million for College Courses in Prisons

WGRZ - "New York will spend $7.3 million from bank settlements to expand college education programs in prisons, with Cornell University's existing program set to grow.Seven colleges will begin or expand offerings for prisoners at 17 correctional facilities across New York over the next five years as part of the College-in-Prison Reentry Program, a joint program between Gov. Andrew

Cuomo's administration and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.

Cuomo and Vance unveiled the colleges and prisons Monday.

Among them are Cornell, which will expand its program at four correctional facilities, including Elmira and Cayuga.

In all, there will be 2,500 new seats for college-education programs in state prisons, according to Cuomo's office.Previously: Cuomo announces plan to help prisoners get college degree"

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