Macedon Couple Busted With Having Sex with Dogs - "A man and woman from Upstate New York were arrested last week after an investigation into child endangerment charges uncovered alleged sexual misconduct with a dog.

Shane Ogden, 38, of Macedon, was first arrested for endangering the welfare of a child on July 30. Police said that he sent a sexually explicit video of himself to a woman, and that his daughter was present in the background of the video, watching him, The Times of Wayne County reported.

There was no contact with the child in the video.

An investigator reviewing evidence in the arrest discovered text messages between Ogden and Karlee Jordan, 18, also of Macedon.

In those messages, Ogden and Jordan both described having sexual contact with a dog. Jordan later admitted to investigators that the text messages were true, WHAM-TV reported.

Ogden and Jordan were both charged with sexual misconduct and released. They were issued tickets to appear in Macedon Court. If convicted, the pair would have to register as sex offenders and could face a year in jail, probation or a fine."


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