Anmerican Pickers Coming to Western NY

TheDailyNews - "There’s a lot of rich history in the barns and basements of Western New York, and Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz want to pick it.

The popular History Channel television program “American Pickers” will be coming back to New York next month. It’s asking for people to come forward if they have unique antique collections and interesting stories behind them.

“We’re not looking for anything specific, since we’ve been on the air for awhile now,” said Mary Weaver, who works for American Pickers on History. “We’re just looking for antiques that are pre-1950s, pre-1960s, something that we haven’t seen on the show.

“We have seen a lot of bikes, cars, motorcycle parts, oil cans — we see that stuff all the time,” she continued. “So we’re looking for something that has stories tied to it.”

Weaver said American Pickers is looking for large collections — items that have been on a property for generations or if a person has multiple barns or outbuildings — something which can be dug through for a whole or half a day.

The show only pick private collections so no stores, malls, flea markets, museums, auctions, businesses or anything open to the public.

To be considered for a picking spot, contact 1-855-OLD-RUST (653-7878), or by e-mail at People are asked to leave their name, town and state, phone number, where the collection is located and a description of the collection."


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