Wayne County Man Wanted By a Whole Lot of People

WayneTimes.com - "It was quite a surprise to Joseph Amico, age 45, of 7850 Flagler Street, City of Las Vegas, that two Wayne County  Sheriff’s Officers were waiting outside a New York City Courtroom on Monday (8/14) morning, waiting to take him into custody.

In a Manhattan court, Amico had been charged with making terrorist threats and Aggravated Harassment in the Second Degree last April. New York City Prosecutors claim he became incensed by watching a television interview by New York City Attorney Douglas Wigdor, involved in the racial harassment lawsuit against Fox News. In a series of phone calls, Amico allegedly threatened to shoot the attorney, harm his family and “blow up the firm.” He allegedly called Wigdor’s law firm, calling him a nigger lover and threatening Wigdor, his family and other members of the firm.

Police used phone records to track Amico to his home in Las Vegas. New York City Detectives flew to Las Vegas to take him into custody on the New York City charges. A five-hour standoff ensued involving the SWAT team armed with assault weapons. Amico gave up without incident.

Wigdor thanked law enforcement for making the arrest.

“I’m thankful that the DA’s office and the police were able to track him down and bring him back to New York,” he said.

He pled not guilty in the New York City case, was arraigned on Monday on those charges and released on $50,000 cash bail.

Unfortunately, New York City police did not check warrants against Amico. When Wayne county learned of his impending 9 a.m. court appearance, Wayne County Deputies made their warrant arrest.

Amico had reportedly left the state and moved to Arizona before he could be arrested in Wayne County last summer.

The 46 year-old, tech savvy Amico became a  frequent thorn in the side to Wayne County Family Court last summer. Harassing phone calls – sometimes 20 to 30 a day – peppered the phone lines of the family court offices. Amico was in the middle of a divorce and bitter custody dispute involving his son. His alleged threats to three judges involved in the case – their families and children fill 30 pages of court documents.

According to witnesses, Amico called one judge corrupt and threatened that she “was going to learn”, promising to post “naked pictures of her daughter on the internet.” Other threats contain graphic content – some delivered via the phone, others sent by mail.

Investigators say Amico created public websites to disparage another judge in the case. He threatened to “go after his son, his baby boy.” Amico continued, “If the judge shows the slightest bit of disrespect he will regret it.”

“You get ten seconds to show respect before you’re embarrassed like you’ve never been before,” Amico reportedly said in another instance.

Amico, using spoof apps through his computer, was able to mask his calls to Wayne County so they would not show up on caller ID.

He is also accused of corrupting the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page by posting private information of deputies including addresses and phone numbers.

The deputies arrested Amico for a total of seven counts of Aggravated Harassment in the Second Degree. He was brought back to Wayne County, arraigned and remanded to jail on $5000 cash/$10,000 bond on five of the counts and $500 cash/$1000 bond on two of the counts.

The Times has learned Amico may have other charges pending against him in other municipalities"


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