15 Arrested for Patronizing a Prostitute in Rochester


15 people have been arrested by Rochester Police following a “John Detail” in the area of Lyell Avenue and Rutter Street.

Robert Battaglia, 38, of Rochester

Darrick Walker, 41, of Rochester

Allen Arnold, 62, of Rochester

Troy Hudson, 60, of Rochester

Joseph Kunsa, 33, of Monroe County

Mark Miller, 51, of Rochester

John Simpson, 60, of Monroe County

Timothy Frye, 52, of Rochester

Dil Gurung, 31, of Rochester

Don Simeone, 63, of Monroe County

Lonnie Buchanan, 47

Marcus Renford, 28. of Rochester

Ram Subba, 24, of Rochester

Dilie Rai, 27, of Rochester

Buddhi Rai, 32, of Rochester

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