15 Animals and Child Found Living In "raw sewage" in Phelps

13 WHAM - "A woman from Phelps has been arrested after police found 15 animals and a child living in "uninhabitable" conditions.

According to the Ontario County Humane Society, someone called in on August 31 to report a house in Phelps had living conditions that were "unsanitary and uninhabitable."

The Ontario County Humane Society, Phelps Police Department, Ontario County Probation and Child Protective Services launched a joint investigation into the home on Banta Street in the village of Phelp.

When officers arrived, they found 13 cats and kittens, along with two dogs, living in the home. The inside of the home was filled with animal feces, urine, garbage and raw sewage. A child was also living inside the home.

The animals were seized by the Ontario County Humane Society and are still being evaluated.

Renee Mobley, 33, was arrested and charged by the Humane Society with 15 counts of Animal Cruelty and for having unlicensed and unvaccinated animals.

Mobley was also charged with endangering the Welfare of a child and criminal contempt 2nd by the Phelps Police Department.

She will appear in Phelps Town Court at a later date to answer these charges. The house has been deemed uninhabitable by the Village of Phelps Code Enforcement.

This isn't the first time Mobley has been charged with animal cruelty. In March 2016, she was charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty after a horse was found dead in a pasture. The eleven rescued horses and seven geese were taken to a rescue farm in Lima.

In May 2015, she was also charged with criminal nuisance 2nd after nine of her horses were found running in the road outside of her property."


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