Greece Schools to Change Phys. Ed. Policy

13 WHAM - "The Greece Central School District has changed its policy for students who choose to change their clothing for physical education classes.

Superintendent Kathleen Graupman announced the change Thursday.

Initially for the 2017-2018 school year, the district implemented a new policy which gave the students the option to change for physical education classes. The locker rooms were closed for the first week of school and students needed to change in restrooms instead.

After students reported challenges of changing in the restrooms, the district changed its policy and said locker rooms will be open for students who want to change their clothes.

“We are a district that honors student voice,” said Superintendent Kathleen Graupman. “We will continue to evaluate the new practice throughout the school year make adjustments when necessary.”

District officials said they hope giving students options will both increase participation in physical education classes and decrease anxiety related to body image."


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