PHOTOS From Stagles Home Released... DISGUSTING!

13 WHAM - "The sister of Erica Bell, the woman on trial in the death of three-year-old Brook Stagles, took the stand and testified Wednesday.

Courtney Bell told the judge that she met Brook Stagles at a baby shower last November. She says Brook was unresponsive, looked very sick and kept her head down on a table, sitting alone during the party and not playing.

"It was at that baby shower when police arrested Erica Bell for drugs. Brook left shortly after that with just her father, Michael Stagles.

Bell and her boyfriend also testified that Brook concerned them so much, they had trouble sleeping. They testified that they called 911 the next day, saying Brook needed immediate help.

It was that same day that Michael Stagles took an unresponsive Brook the hospital.

Family members say there were so many people who could've intervened that day.

“It’s overwhelming,” said John Geer, Brook’s grandfather, “the amount of people who came in contact with Brook, from the time it happened to the time she went to the hospital.”

Also on Wednesday, 13WHAM obtained exclusive photos from inside the Stagles home, where Brook was living before she died. They are similar to photos introduced at trial, and purportedly show a home and bedroom in shambles.

13WHAM is told that Thursday, jailhouse phone calls allegedly made by Bell could be presented at trial. In those calls, Bell allegedly admitted to striking Stagles."

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