Online Petition Created to Support Judge Astacio

An online petition has been created IN SUPPORT of a Rochester City Court Judge convicted of drunk driving.

"In August of 2016 Judge Astacio was convicted after bench trial of DWI. Prior to that she had been a practicing attorney in Rochester for approximately ten years. Judge Astacio is a lifelong city resident and was a teen mom that ran for City Court without the support of any political party. As a Judge she was fair and respectful, often going above and beyond for young people as well as people struggling with addiction that appeared in her court room.

Since the conviction, that is currently under appeal, the media, her employer, and many individuals that did not want her in her position in the first place have launched a crusade against her. A petition has been circulated calling for her removal from the bench by many people that do not reside in the city of Rochester and therefore could not even vote for her!

Her actual constituents clearly see her treatment has been based on age, gender, and racial discrimination as opposed to the administration of justice. She has been jailed, publicly berated, and humiliated by the system she was elected to be a part of. Judge Astacio represents that the system often does not treat people of color the same as their White counterparts, no matter the level of their achievements. 

We sign this petition to make it abundantly clear that WE, the residents of the City of Rochester that elected Judge Astacio would still make that choice today. Seeing the way she has handled herself with grace, dignity, and always wearing a smile no matter what is thrown at her, has given us even more confidence in her ability to be a fair and impartial Judge. She is still our Judge and we are still #TeamAstacio"


We will NOT be posting the petition because it's a crock of crap.

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