Open The Barn Door and See All the... Pot Plants

"News10NBC is learning more about a marijuana bust in Wayne County.

Deputies say 39-year-old Danny DeSantis of Arcadia turned his barn into a marijuana farm. And when officers raided the operation, they found 300 plants, grow lights and a full irrigation system.

Sheriff Barry Virts said they received a tip about a marijuana growing operation that launched a two month long investigation -- leading to DeSantis' arrest this week.

Deputies used infrared technology to determine the pole barn on his property was admitting an abnormal amount of heat. "He was able to bypass the power lines to run the grow operation in that 30 by 50 pole barn," Sheriff Virts says."


"The sheriff adds, "We had NYSEG work with us. They're trying to figure out a dollar amount on how long he had bypassed the system."

Deputies took both DeSantis and his wife in custody. His wife was not charged. "The wife we released, I'm not going to state her name at this time because we still have a pending investigation," Sheriff Virts reports.

News10NBC learned that Danny's wife, Mary DeSantis, was the director of Outpatient Services for the Finger Lakes Area Counseling and Recovery Agency.

Sheriff Virts tells us, "We have no indication that her employment is involved whatsoever in this investigation. And any questions in regards to her employment should be directed to her employer."

I reached out to the Finger Lakes Area Counseling and Recovery Agency for a comment. They said it is not their practice to not disclose information related to employee status.

DeSantis has been released. The DA's office tells us his preliminary hearing has been waived and the case has been sent to a grand jury."

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